1/2 Day January Detox Workshop

1/2 Day January Energy Detox Workshop

Come and join us in lightening the energetic load after the festive season.  Its 2014 and it’s time to realign, let go and summon the new energies required to traverse through 2014.  2014 Is the time where can start to utilise the energies we have been dealt in 2013 and start to use them on a much grander scale.

In this 3 hour class we will work to let go of stubborn physical, emotional and mental patterns, clear karma and learn how to clear karma ourselves in the future.  If you want to lose heavy old energetic weight, this is the class for you.

About Ryan :  Working in the energetic spectrum for 8 years now since my awakening whilst in Dublin.  I work as a soul alchemist assisting people in their own personal transformations bringing freedom and Joy as the normal state of being.  I also work as a geomancer across the UK sent to rebalance energetic ley lines and release old patterns.  I am an IET master instruction, Creator or Sonar Alignment.  I have worked in many centres in the UK and Ireland.  Recently having spoken at the Monastery about the Pleaidian Light beings.

Location : Time Out For U – Holistic and Well Being Centre 2 St Edmund Street Bolton Lancs BL1 2JR   Time: 1-4pm
Date: 11th January 2014
Investment : £25

Call Lynn to reserve your place on 07513770404


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