Inner peace brings outer peace

Peace is energy that we are all looking to master and become best friends with in our lives.  The majority of people after a busy week at work or with the kids are screaming out for some peace and quiet, some down time to recover from the week’s happenings and occurrences.

Some of us find external peace walking in the countryside or on the beach, anywhere really that you can connect with the peace and healing of nature; others find external peace in the comfort of their own home where peace can penetrate our outer layers!  We all have somewhere we feel peaceful.

But how many of us can find inner peace? How many of us have dealt with our internal conflicts and issues to say that we are truly at peace? I would say only a small percentage of the population at this time could truly find inner peace.

But through finding outer peace in whichever way you find best you have started that journey to finding your own inner peace.  In my experience the more time we can spend being peaceful in our outer world, the further along the path we can progress to finding inner peace.  So why not make the commitment to do more that brings peace to your life???

Why not try meditating using a mantra like “I AM Peace” daily which will help to help reprogram your mental body with new thought patterns (This mantra should be repeated 108 times every day either morning or night or both).

So our own Peace or lack of it is reflected in humanity too.  All of the external wars and conflicts that are happening around the world are a reflection of humanity’s current inner conflict.  Imagine if everyone found inner peace, there would be no wars or conflict, no need to defend our countries, no need to make weapons!  Earth would truly be an amazing place!

So to make your contribution to World Peace all you need to do is find inner peace and your contribution has been made to the world!

Diamond Light – Ryan


My experience with Ghosts, Clairvoyance & Haunted Places

I have been asked many times if I see spirits & ghosts by people, to which my reply always is NO, not physically!  I think if I saw spirits with my 2 physical eyes I would be jumping around having minor heart attacks all day long and not getting a damn site achieved.

However there was one period in my life during childhood when I saw spirits with my 2 physical eyes, I think I was about 8 years old.  Every night I saw spirits walking past my bed and many different faces coming out of the wall, this was a pretty traumatic affair for an 8-year-old which I never told anyone about as I thought they would think I was bonkers! 

To help me through this spiritually active time I decided to sleep underneath my pillow so that I was safe (yeah right a pillow for protection, I know I know!).  Also I’m sure that really helped my Asthma as I had trouble breathing correctly under non-stressful conditions never mind in a scene from Ghost Whisperer.  Anyway this short period of clairvoyance came to an end and I was just left with the visions in my mind’s eye which to this day I’m quite happy with, although these last few months things are starting to happen again (but this time I am better prepared hmmmmmm).

Ghosts – My own experience tells me that when people die they should pass over to the light and go on that journey to see their life’s karmic & soul lessons that were learned or not learnt.  Notice that I said should!  However If people die through sudden shock like a car accident, or If they die with an addiction issue,they are obviously not themselves. When the death happens it is much harder for them to see the light and move on. Here are 3 examples to explain my point and also how these ghosts can influence our lives.

  1. A young recreational drug user whom passed over whilst high on drugs in a nightclub would struggle to go to the light as he was in an altered state whilst he died.  He may possibly end up staying in the nightclub where he died, some would say haunting.  Also whilst he was in this club he would try to attach himself to a similar energy like another recreational drug user.  If the boy’s spirit succeeded in attaching to the new person then this would be called an attachment which would go wherever the new person went.  The new person here could take on the emotional and mental state of the boy’s spirit.  I have seen lots of clients & friends change dramatically when they pick up an attachment (now don’t fear these can be removed by a good energy therapist/healer). 
  2. A car driver whom was suddenly hit by another car in a head on collision.  Here although the passing over was quick it was an absolute shock and the spirit  doesn’t feel that they have died.  Here also it is hard for the spirit to pass over and they may remain at the site of the crash for some time.  Lots of Healers I know including myself do regular rituals to help stuck spirits move on, so don’t worry if you can relate to a shock situation people are there to help!
  3. Someone  who has an addiction to a house may find it difficult to move on as they are so attached to the house they will not let it go. So to remain true to that addiction they stay with the house.  This is a common problem as lots of folk don’t want to leave their houses even when they have died!  If you have this all too common problem find a reputable energy therapist/healer whom will be able to help you out!

Most people whom pass over go to the light and they are usually greeted by a family member on the other side to make the experience less traumatic for them.  I believe that although most pass over to the light they still stay around for a while to let us know that they are ok.  I remember when my Grandma died many years back our art deco style lamp in the lounge used to switch itself on and off all the time so much so that we used to shout nan’s in the lounge again.  I used to sense her presence often and this definitely provided comfort for my mum and myself.

So that’s my quick tid bit on ghosts

 Diamond Light – Ryan

Halloween: Ghosts, Spirits & Healing

We are at that time of year again where the nights are drawing in and we have the pleasure of mystical silvery grey mists to guide us home to our dwelling.  Halloween is upon us again to excite and thrill us with its fancy dress, parties with close friends and playing tricks upon unaware folk.

Halloween is my favourite time of year for all of the above mentioned reasons plus and a very big plus it’s my birthday, so I have grown up bobbing for apples, dressing as many ghosts and frightening spirits to scare the hell out of people for as long as I can remember. 

Working as a healer most of my friends say that i’m in the perfect job being as I was born on this magical day (I agree).  I couldn’t think of a better day to be born on, even though I did pick up a few nicknames along the way which need not be repeated!

As I have progressed on my Spiritual journey Halloween has become even more meaningful for me.  It’s a time when the veil of the spirit world become thinner and we can have contact with our deceased relatives and loved ones.  It is a time to celebrate their lives, a time to remember and a time to honour those whom have passed before us.

It is also a great opportunity to do some self-healing.  Whatever you plans are over this time try connecting in meditation to your loved ones and family members whom have passed over with whom you feel there is unfinished business in one way or another.

You may want to say things to them that were not said whilst they were alive so that you can move on?

You may want to ask for forgiveness or to forgive them so they can fully move on to their next spiritual avenue?

You may just want to say hi?

You may want to light a candle for their soul to help it move to the highest heavens?

Whatever it is you feel you need to do this Halloween, do it with a pure heart for your highest healing! All healing work that you do on yourself is like money in the spiritual bank.  Don’t underestimate the power of a simple meditation.

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Introducing the Chakras

So here we are my first blog (well apart from the into).  I have started with the chakras which Is where I started my journey getting acquainted with these mesmerizing spinning discs of energy which we all have within our body.

The majority of healings that you will have in your life will in one way or another be related to at least one of your chakras.  Your chakras are your wheels of whirring energy that are located at certain points in the body, when they are open and spinning at the right vibration you will feel much better than when they are closed or blocked.  There are hundreds of these energy centres in the body of different size and importance.  Most spiritual enthusiasts first learn the 7 major chakras which run from the head down the spinal column (I will go into detail of each major chakra in future posts).

These chakras become blocked when you need to deal with something in your life whether that be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level (Now don’t fear they block up on a regular basis).  Every one of us is on a unique healing path so no persons healing journey will be exactly the same as other people, of course some healings will be the same but not all. 

So what causes these blockages – now these examples are only a few as I have learnt through experience there are an infinite number of causes, some of which to this day I do not understand.  Emotional imbalances that come from our childhood and everyday life, Ancestors baggage passed down from our parents, issues which we picked up in the womb, karma from our deeds, past life issues, soul tests, our set beliefs and our repetitive thoughts. 

Every time we deal with one of these blockages our internal light grows brighter gaining in frequency and vibration.  So in theory every time we remove a blockage on our healing path we feel much better (Yes I hear you screaming from the rooftops, wait for it. Read on for the not so great news).

Now this in my opinion is not true, I would say in my experience roughly 70% of the time you feel immediately much better after a blockage is removed but the other 30% of the time you actually can feel awful, tired and in need of serious slumber time to recuperate. 

One of the reasons you occasionally  feel worse for wear is that the energy that is leaving your body is making you feel it one last time, as it is working its way out of the body, in doing so it maximizes the lesson which you are learning about the blockage (so that you don’t do the same thing in the future).  It also may be due to the body getting used to the new energy, this can be related to a computer being rebooted after new software has been installed.  Now do not fear this doesn’t last very long and in most cases between 24-48 hours after the healing.

So roughly  70% of the time after a healing you will feel great but even if you are in the 30% category these effects will only last a short time and you will feel great that the blockage has gone so don’t chicken out of the healing and go for it  – the end result is well worth it.

In the following posts I will go into individual chakras and my own relationship with them.

How you can benefit from my own spiritual healing journey!

Ok so that little bogger blogger inside of me has found a way to exercise its right to be heard on the worldwide platform.  So here I am to entertain and hopefully inspire you with my own experience of the spiritual healing journey which has occupied almost 100% of my life since I left my normal (crazy, mental stress & hours) career behind me 3 years ago.

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride, which I hasten to add I am still on and am strapped in very tight until I reach the end of the ride (it’s a never-ending ride btw).  I have experienced some incredible spiritual highs (which are getting higher) and have worked through some very tough lows to remove parts of myself which I thought I was and have replaced them with parts of my true self which I AM.

I have taken many spiritual courses, been to many sites and visited a few gurus along the way to help me to find my true self. So I feel I’m definitely on the way to finding my own unique talent (we all have one, I hear your grumbles and moans but you do! so just accept it now!) which will bring me true happiness.  Currently I work as a healer and Spiritual teacher carrying out healing sessions and delivering my own courses from my base in Dublin Ireland. I also run my own distant healing website aimed at reaching a wider audience.

My blog posts will (if you are open to them) take you on your own healing journey so that you too can truly find what you are looking for from life and bring you your soul’s desires!

Here’s a few topics I will be blogging about in the near future to wet your appetite – Meditation, Chakras, Masculine & Feminine Energies, Light Beings, Heart Healing, Our Emotions, Thought Patterns, 3rd to 5th Dimensional Energy, Speaking your Truth, Atlantis, sacred sites, gurus, reflection, belief systems, perfection, oneness, unity, empowerment, Soul Power.

Diamond Light – Ryan