How you can benefit from my own spiritual healing journey!

Ok so that little bogger blogger inside of me has found a way to exercise its right to be heard on the worldwide platform.  So here I am to entertain and hopefully inspire you with my own experience of the spiritual healing journey which has occupied almost 100% of my life since I left my normal (crazy, mental stress & hours) career behind me 3 years ago.

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride, which I hasten to add I am still on and am strapped in very tight until I reach the end of the ride (it’s a never-ending ride btw).  I have experienced some incredible spiritual highs (which are getting higher) and have worked through some very tough lows to remove parts of myself which I thought I was and have replaced them with parts of my true self which I AM.

I have taken many spiritual courses, been to many sites and visited a few gurus along the way to help me to find my true self. So I feel I’m definitely on the way to finding my own unique talent (we all have one, I hear your grumbles and moans but you do! so just accept it now!) which will bring me true happiness.  Currently I work as a healer and Spiritual teacher carrying out healing sessions and delivering my own courses from my base in Dublin Ireland. I also run my own distant healing website aimed at reaching a wider audience.

My blog posts will (if you are open to them) take you on your own healing journey so that you too can truly find what you are looking for from life and bring you your soul’s desires!

Here’s a few topics I will be blogging about in the near future to wet your appetite – Meditation, Chakras, Masculine & Feminine Energies, Light Beings, Heart Healing, Our Emotions, Thought Patterns, 3rd to 5th Dimensional Energy, Speaking your Truth, Atlantis, sacred sites, gurus, reflection, belief systems, perfection, oneness, unity, empowerment, Soul Power.

Diamond Light – Ryan


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