Introducing the Chakras

So here we are my first blog (well apart from the into).  I have started with the chakras which Is where I started my journey getting acquainted with these mesmerizing spinning discs of energy which we all have within our body.

The majority of healings that you will have in your life will in one way or another be related to at least one of your chakras.  Your chakras are your wheels of whirring energy that are located at certain points in the body, when they are open and spinning at the right vibration you will feel much better than when they are closed or blocked.  There are hundreds of these energy centres in the body of different size and importance.  Most spiritual enthusiasts first learn the 7 major chakras which run from the head down the spinal column (I will go into detail of each major chakra in future posts).

These chakras become blocked when you need to deal with something in your life whether that be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level (Now don’t fear they block up on a regular basis).  Every one of us is on a unique healing path so no persons healing journey will be exactly the same as other people, of course some healings will be the same but not all. 

So what causes these blockages – now these examples are only a few as I have learnt through experience there are an infinite number of causes, some of which to this day I do not understand.  Emotional imbalances that come from our childhood and everyday life, Ancestors baggage passed down from our parents, issues which we picked up in the womb, karma from our deeds, past life issues, soul tests, our set beliefs and our repetitive thoughts. 

Every time we deal with one of these blockages our internal light grows brighter gaining in frequency and vibration.  So in theory every time we remove a blockage on our healing path we feel much better (Yes I hear you screaming from the rooftops, wait for it. Read on for the not so great news).

Now this in my opinion is not true, I would say in my experience roughly 70% of the time you feel immediately much better after a blockage is removed but the other 30% of the time you actually can feel awful, tired and in need of serious slumber time to recuperate. 

One of the reasons you occasionally  feel worse for wear is that the energy that is leaving your body is making you feel it one last time, as it is working its way out of the body, in doing so it maximizes the lesson which you are learning about the blockage (so that you don’t do the same thing in the future).  It also may be due to the body getting used to the new energy, this can be related to a computer being rebooted after new software has been installed.  Now do not fear this doesn’t last very long and in most cases between 24-48 hours after the healing.

So roughly  70% of the time after a healing you will feel great but even if you are in the 30% category these effects will only last a short time and you will feel great that the blockage has gone so don’t chicken out of the healing and go for it  – the end result is well worth it.

In the following posts I will go into individual chakras and my own relationship with them.


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