Halloween: Ghosts, Spirits & Healing

We are at that time of year again where the nights are drawing in and we have the pleasure of mystical silvery grey mists to guide us home to our dwelling.  Halloween is upon us again to excite and thrill us with its fancy dress, parties with close friends and playing tricks upon unaware folk.

Halloween is my favourite time of year for all of the above mentioned reasons plus and a very big plus it’s my birthday, so I have grown up bobbing for apples, dressing as many ghosts and frightening spirits to scare the hell out of people for as long as I can remember. 

Working as a healer most of my friends say that i’m in the perfect job being as I was born on this magical day (I agree).  I couldn’t think of a better day to be born on, even though I did pick up a few nicknames along the way which need not be repeated!

As I have progressed on my Spiritual journey Halloween has become even more meaningful for me.  It’s a time when the veil of the spirit world become thinner and we can have contact with our deceased relatives and loved ones.  It is a time to celebrate their lives, a time to remember and a time to honour those whom have passed before us.

It is also a great opportunity to do some self-healing.  Whatever you plans are over this time try connecting in meditation to your loved ones and family members whom have passed over with whom you feel there is unfinished business in one way or another.

You may want to say things to them that were not said whilst they were alive so that you can move on?

You may want to ask for forgiveness or to forgive them so they can fully move on to their next spiritual avenue?

You may just want to say hi?

You may want to light a candle for their soul to help it move to the highest heavens?

Whatever it is you feel you need to do this Halloween, do it with a pure heart for your highest healing! All healing work that you do on yourself is like money in the spiritual bank.  Don’t underestimate the power of a simple meditation.

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