My experience with Ghosts, Clairvoyance & Haunted Places

I have been asked many times if I see spirits & ghosts by people, to which my reply always is NO, not physically!  I think if I saw spirits with my 2 physical eyes I would be jumping around having minor heart attacks all day long and not getting a damn site achieved.

However there was one period in my life during childhood when I saw spirits with my 2 physical eyes, I think I was about 8 years old.  Every night I saw spirits walking past my bed and many different faces coming out of the wall, this was a pretty traumatic affair for an 8-year-old which I never told anyone about as I thought they would think I was bonkers! 

To help me through this spiritually active time I decided to sleep underneath my pillow so that I was safe (yeah right a pillow for protection, I know I know!).  Also I’m sure that really helped my Asthma as I had trouble breathing correctly under non-stressful conditions never mind in a scene from Ghost Whisperer.  Anyway this short period of clairvoyance came to an end and I was just left with the visions in my mind’s eye which to this day I’m quite happy with, although these last few months things are starting to happen again (but this time I am better prepared hmmmmmm).

Ghosts – My own experience tells me that when people die they should pass over to the light and go on that journey to see their life’s karmic & soul lessons that were learned or not learnt.  Notice that I said should!  However If people die through sudden shock like a car accident, or If they die with an addiction issue,they are obviously not themselves. When the death happens it is much harder for them to see the light and move on. Here are 3 examples to explain my point and also how these ghosts can influence our lives.

  1. A young recreational drug user whom passed over whilst high on drugs in a nightclub would struggle to go to the light as he was in an altered state whilst he died.  He may possibly end up staying in the nightclub where he died, some would say haunting.  Also whilst he was in this club he would try to attach himself to a similar energy like another recreational drug user.  If the boy’s spirit succeeded in attaching to the new person then this would be called an attachment which would go wherever the new person went.  The new person here could take on the emotional and mental state of the boy’s spirit.  I have seen lots of clients & friends change dramatically when they pick up an attachment (now don’t fear these can be removed by a good energy therapist/healer). 
  2. A car driver whom was suddenly hit by another car in a head on collision.  Here although the passing over was quick it was an absolute shock and the spirit  doesn’t feel that they have died.  Here also it is hard for the spirit to pass over and they may remain at the site of the crash for some time.  Lots of Healers I know including myself do regular rituals to help stuck spirits move on, so don’t worry if you can relate to a shock situation people are there to help!
  3. Someone  who has an addiction to a house may find it difficult to move on as they are so attached to the house they will not let it go. So to remain true to that addiction they stay with the house.  This is a common problem as lots of folk don’t want to leave their houses even when they have died!  If you have this all too common problem find a reputable energy therapist/healer whom will be able to help you out!

Most people whom pass over go to the light and they are usually greeted by a family member on the other side to make the experience less traumatic for them.  I believe that although most pass over to the light they still stay around for a while to let us know that they are ok.  I remember when my Grandma died many years back our art deco style lamp in the lounge used to switch itself on and off all the time so much so that we used to shout nan’s in the lounge again.  I used to sense her presence often and this definitely provided comfort for my mum and myself.

So that’s my quick tid bit on ghosts

 Diamond Light – Ryan


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