Inner peace brings outer peace

Peace is energy that we are all looking to master and become best friends with in our lives.  The majority of people after a busy week at work or with the kids are screaming out for some peace and quiet, some down time to recover from the week’s happenings and occurrences.

Some of us find external peace walking in the countryside or on the beach, anywhere really that you can connect with the peace and healing of nature; others find external peace in the comfort of their own home where peace can penetrate our outer layers!  We all have somewhere we feel peaceful.

But how many of us can find inner peace? How many of us have dealt with our internal conflicts and issues to say that we are truly at peace? I would say only a small percentage of the population at this time could truly find inner peace.

But through finding outer peace in whichever way you find best you have started that journey to finding your own inner peace.  In my experience the more time we can spend being peaceful in our outer world, the further along the path we can progress to finding inner peace.  So why not make the commitment to do more that brings peace to your life???

Why not try meditating using a mantra like “I AM Peace” daily which will help to help reprogram your mental body with new thought patterns (This mantra should be repeated 108 times every day either morning or night or both).

So our own Peace or lack of it is reflected in humanity too.  All of the external wars and conflicts that are happening around the world are a reflection of humanity’s current inner conflict.  Imagine if everyone found inner peace, there would be no wars or conflict, no need to defend our countries, no need to make weapons!  Earth would truly be an amazing place!

So to make your contribution to World Peace all you need to do is find inner peace and your contribution has been made to the world!

Diamond Light – Ryan


2 thoughts on “Inner peace brings outer peace

  1. I feel the 108 times was relevant to bring in a deeper connection to it. 108 is very relavant to me at the moment when I am doing my morning mantras with the Sanskrit 108 names of the mother.

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