Royal wedding reflects a sacred marriage?

The press has been whipped up into frenzy after the announcement of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton this week.  It has been received as a blast of good news in these austere times.  Good wishes from all have been received with even the Queen communicating to the faithful through Twitter and Facebook.

Through the course of their lengthy 8 year relationship since they met at St Andrews they have had chance to learn through each other whilst also enjoying their young adulthood. A wise move if you ask me.  If more people worked out who they were before jumping into marriage then there would be much more happiness in the world!

So through this relationship they have grown to understand their strengths and floors, had a relationship break up, been to very tough emotional places and been scrutinised by the media.  This is to be applauded as a relationship that looks fit to last and will be a happy one to follow.  Which I hope it does as it would be an example to all.

This whole happy affair then makes me think about our own relationship, the relationship between our inner masculine and inner feminine energies.  Two energies that we posses that when balanced can bring us into the energy of Oneness.

Our external relationship with the sexes plays out our masculine and feminine dramas and issues that need to be dealt with within our own energy fields.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic it could come in all forms of relationship challenges like friends, peers, family etc.

 It doesn’t even matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual, we are all searching for the same thing, balancing our inner masculine and feminine selves becoming ONE.  However we have all chosen a slightly different way to achieve it!

So what are your external relationships like with the opposite and same sexes?  The clues are right in front of our faces.  You just need to accept that your relationship dramas are because of YOU, once you accept responsibility for this it becomes much easier to see your masculine and feminine issues!

Balancing and empowering your masculine and feminine energies is what humanity needs to work on at this time, could you imagine a world at with peace, freedom and joy reigning supreme?  Well it can happen and will happen so play your part and start working on your inner masculine and feminine so they can form the sacred marriage which will bring you the ONENESS you deserve.

Diamond Light – Ryan


Releasing Loneliness and becoming ALONE

In my early life I always thought of feeling lonely as a weakness.  A feeling that shows you need attention and support from others…  Well let’s just say that I don’t feel that it is a weakness anymore, the words Lonely and Alone are master teachers in themselves and will unravel your insecurities and take them to a place of pure empowerment.

Being Lonely – When I connected in with the word Lonely I was transported by my subconscious to many times when I have felt lonely in my earlier life.  These were times when I did not want to accept that I was lonely.  I saw myself doing activities like shopping, socialising, drinking  and eating to try and hide from the feelings of being alone which inevitably suppressed these feelings into my aura.  When these emotions became suppressed in my energy field it started influencing my perception on the world and the world’s perception of me.  I viewed the world as a lonely place and the world did the same to me.

These suppressed feelings stay in your energy field until you are strong enough or ready to deal with them.  So this year I faced my inner loneliness head on and asked for all of these suppressed feelings be released from my energy field.  As these feelings started to move out of my body I had a tough couple of weeks actually feeling very alone, all of my phone calls were not answered, my work dried up and I definitely was feeling lonely.  It brought up a few tears and a general feeling of being upset and depressed but I was determined for all of these feelings to be released fully.

Towards the end of the release a new feeling waved over me. That was a new feeling it was a feeling of I AM Alone!

I AM Alone– This new feeling was great and it felt very empowering to say it I AM Alone!  It made me aware that we are truly alone in this life.  The only person we should rely on is ourselves; we should be totally responsible for our own thoughts, actions and emotions.  By becoming alone you start to recognise your immense divine power and that great things can be achieved when you come to this place of empowerment.

Now this is not to say you have to feel lonely whilst you are Alone, we can invite in many relationships to support our spiritual and material lives.  We can also invite in some empowering romantic relationships to help us to grow in further awareness.  But by being alone and standing on your own two spiritual feet you decide who comes into your life which is a great achievement which brings a great amount of spiritual pride!

I would recommend to everyone to connect in an find the Lonely parts of you, honour them and feel them then release them to the universe and bring in the empowerment of being ALONE!

I would love to hear your comments and experiences!

Diamond Light – Ryan

Dreams … They are changing?

Sleeping Beauty

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Over the past couple of months for me Dreamtime has become crazy. It used to be a time of pleasant dreams or not remembering any dreams.  But just lately things have changed and become more active and real in them.  Or I am just starting to remember them more than I used to ???

They are so varied now and include many elements of my life that just don’t go together, family, friends, lovers (whom I have no idea who they are) and very strange surroundings which seem to morph into different scenes within seconds. 

The raw elements are always in there somewhere, Earth/Fire/Wind/Water.  I always seem to be on some kind of mission and there is always something kicking off violently somewhere, sometimes even the odd murder or shooting (eeeekkk)!

The one that sticks in my mind more than any is swimming naked in the river near where I live with my Grandma (yes need therapy for that one). I mean ok I up for being guided by my Grandma in my dreams but NAKED!!! Come on give me a break!

I see this trend in dreams with my clients and students also, they feel the dreams are becoming very real and some people are struggling to discern between dream world and their current life.  They are also waking up feeling that physical changes have happened during their sleep almost as if the have been working out overnight!

But WORRY NOT people!  All this crazy dream time has a purpose!

My Light being guides tell me that we are healing much faster than we used to and a lot of this healing is taking place in dream time, It’s a helping hand from our spirit guides so that our physical vehicles are clearer during the day, so that we have the opportunity to release yet more of our blockages which we need to experience and learn from.

So why is it happening much quicker NOW?  – This is due to the whole Earth operating in a higher level of energy on its way towards the NEW 5th Dimensional Earth (see post on dimensions for more info on this) which is taking place now, coming up to the important energetic date of 2012.  Now we have a unique opportunity to release the old patterns of negative energies which clog up our bodies and the Earth so that we can become joy filled beings pushing forward on our souls journey.

Also for those on the spiritual path we are being upgraded physically as we sleep.  To be able to operate in a 5th dimensional society our cells must change too, so that they can take in the higher energies of love and light!  For me its been a tough few months on my body, I had to stop all forms of regular exercise whilst my body was going through some major changes.  I now feel a lot better and am starting to exercise once again!

Rest assured whatever changes are happening to us are all for our highest good and are helping us to grow spiritually faster than we ever have before.  We really should have gratitude for that!

What are you experiencing in dream time???

Diamond Light – Ryan –

11:11 A great day for being perfect!

Today has been a very pleasant high-powered energy portal day for me.  First completing all of my admin for my next courses and then a day free to enjoy the bounty of energies that this day holds.  A day of surrender!!

My friend then called and we went for coffee and a walk out around the harbour walls.  The energy was so powerful as the wind was almost gale force and the harbour itself seemed like a bubbling cauldron with the water being whipped up into a frenzy.  Although the elements were against us they were also with us in the same context.  Busily working away clearing our energy fields of all unwanted emotions, thought patterns and physical ills.

It was whilst walking out in the elements that my mind wandered thinking about the 11:11 day that we were experiencing.  A day of powerful but joyful energies there to support us on our souls journey.  To give us an extra helping hand in these accelerated ascension years building up to 2012.

11 for me is my special number it’s the number I always notice in my daily life and the number that stands out from the crowd, on clocks, phones, buses, house numbers etc.  It is the number of transformation, it is the number of the IAM presence merging with our physical self.  A portal number supporting the merging of heaven and Earth.

The Gale force wind that we are experiencing is on this 11:11 day is cleansing the planet of those unwanted thought forms and belief systems we need to let go, those patterns of limitation and restriction.  SO If you haven’t done already go out and brave the elements and let the winds take away any unwanted thought patterns and belief systems you want to let go of.

Then find somewhere quiet and open up in meditation – see the 11:11 numbers floating around and unlocking your being so that you can access the perfection energy that we all have deep within us … YOU ARE PERFECT !

Diamond Light – Ryan –

The Spiritual Lessons of our legs and feet

my soles photographed on a table

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Our legs and feet play a very important role in our lives.   They are there to make sure that we are fully grounded therefore feeling fully alive in this body. They are there to propel us forward through our life, being able to move forward at extreme speeds or bringing us to a total stop!

Our Legs – These two forward moving pillars take us through life making every twist, turn, acceleration, deceleration and complete stop.  If we look at their current physical state it can be a great guide to where we are on our spiritual path.

When the energetic blockages within the aura around the legs build up too much we start to have physical issues with our legs.  These physical complaints can take on many different forms which will be personal to each of us, but rest assured if you have problems within your legs then you definitely have some issues about moving forward in life that need dealing with.  I firmly believe that if you can find the energetic/spiritual issue and release it then the physical issue will disappear.

The blockages could be from a plethora of origins of which some include childhood issues, womb issues, past lives, ancestral issues, past lives, karma etc.   These issues can be helped by many alternative therapies such as Magnified healing, homeopathy, IET, Reiki to name but a few.  Any work done energetically on the legs will bring great benefits to your life by letting you walk with no resistance into the future.

Our Feet – There is one main chakra in each foot roughly located near the centre of the heel and there are 5 smaller chakras within each of the toes.  They are associated with feeling grounded to this Earth and feeling part of Earths ascension process.  They work closely with the Root chakra (see Root chakra post)and the Earth Star Chakra (see Earth chakra post, coming soon).

When both feet are fully open we feel balanced, centred and part of this experience we call Earth, we feel great amounts of joy and are happy to be alive at this moment celebrating the NOW.  Also our connection to the Earth, Animal and mineral kingdom is very strong and we become more responsible with issues regarding protecting the Earth and the Animals kingdom.  We feel balanced, active in our lives and are honouring ourselves by taking enough time to rest and recuperate so that we can keep moving forward at a nice steady pace.

When the left foot is open and the right foot closed – We can be in a time of rest, nurturing and recuperation, where we have retreated from the world and are taking some well deserved ME time.  Alternatively we could have become too withdrawn from life and may be suffering or are frustrated that we can’t move forward in life.  Maybe even depressed or feeling alone.

When the right foot is open and the left foot is closed – We are in a very active mode, getting lots of things done and moving forward at great speed.  But if the left foot is closed it means we are not taking enough time for rest and recuperation resulting in a crash and burn situation.

When both feet are closed – We are totally cut off from the world neither moving forward nor being replenished.  No energy is passing into the earth meaning that our connection to this earth is very limited. There’s a very strong chance here of depression and negative thoughts ruling your life.  If you feel both feet are closed you need to take some form of action to unblock them.

How can Nature Help – By walking in nature either on the grass, soil, sand or water you can connect fully with the Earth energies.  We spend too much time walking on concrete where the natural elements of Mother Earth can’t access us.  Spend some well deserved time walking in these elements and setting the intention that all unwanted energies is passed into the Earth.  Once these negative energies have left then ask mother earth to send nurturing healing energies from the Earth into your body.  You will feel 100% better!!

Until next time – Diamond Light – Ryan

Scorpio NEW Moon November 2010

This week which is nearly over has been a power packed energetic week that has left a lot of us whom are on the spiritual path bowled over in one way or another.  Not only did we have Halloween, All Saints day and All souls day which were a huge trinity of power packed days, which  gave us all great opportunities to learn and heal our ancestral issues and karma.  We also had the New moon of 4/5 November. 

This New moon is in the sign of Scorpio and by no coincidence the Sun is also in the sign of Scorpio… How great is that??? Both Sun(masculine) and Moon (Feminine) is in the sign of Scorpio. What a great opportunity to heal, balance and empower our core power and sexuality of which Scorpio rules.

Now being a true Scorpio myself, being bombarded with all of this Scorpio energy is very intense and I have struggled, battled and eventually surrendered to its mesmerizing power.  It has taken me to a very primordial place of insecurity to find my own true security.  It has challenged my inner and outer power struggles and tested my relationship needs and wants.  It took me to a dark place so that a part of me could die and my true self be born and come into full light.

Also I felt that I was being tested on how I react or respond to old emotional and mental patterns which I have been working to release over the past year. My shadow certainly has been a busy boy this week.  Although I have not fully passed this test with a 100% mark, I feel I have definitely made the grade to go on to the next level.

So what about the energy of this NEW moon?

Harness that Scorpio power of divine will and aim to break those psychological shackles and remove those wounds which you associate yourself with!  GO FOR IT, commit 100% and push forward on your path. Show daring and adventure – risk bringing you masculine and feminine energies together and learn from their teachings this will be a very powerful 2 weeks where unity is possible with the current astrological alignment!  Try feeling what unity is all about and start to embody it before this unique window passes you by!

Diamond Light – Ryan


Root Chakra

The root (base, muldhara) chakra is the lowest of the 7 major chakras within our body.  This spinning disc of energy is located at the bottom of the spine.  At the 3rd Dimension this chakra is a Red or black in colour and when it is raised to the 5th dimension the colour changes to a clear crystal or platinum colour. (To understand about dimensions please read my previous blog post on “what is a dimension?”)

The root chakra is our connection to the Earth and how we ground our self physically into this existence.  It can provide us with boundless energy and success in all Earthly endeavours or it can restrict us by playing on our deepest fear to stop the flow of energy so that we can’t manifest of receive those things that we have worked so hard to receive.

Balanced – When the root chakra is balanced we feel centred, grounded, healthy, fully alive, have unlimited physical energy, can manifest abundance and Take good care of the body. Generally speaking we love life!

Closed – When the base chakra is closed or spinning to slowly we lack confidence, feel weak, can’t achieve goals, have low sexual energy, have fears and insecurities with the extreme being suicidal thoughts.  We feel doubtful and unworthy and compensate for these insecurities by keeping and acquiring material possessions and forming addictions to them.

Too Open – When the base is spinning too fast we can feel anxious, egoistic, domineering, greedy, sadistic, sexual energy entirely genital and Judgmental towards self and others.

So what condition is your root chakra in today?  This chakra for me changes like the wind one minute its open and balanced the next it’s closed.  It all depends what you are dealing with in your current life to what condition it is in. 

To move this chakra up to the level of the 5th Dimension we need to purify it of all the lower vibrational energies which all stem from one fear or another.   Once we have released all of our fears we are able to trust the universe to provide for our every need and can live in harmony.  If you are reading this blog post now,  then just maybe you have some issues to deal with at present relating to your root chakra!

There are many ways to upgrade and heal your root chakra. You could see  a recommended energy/spiritual healer, you may do some healing in meditation or with crystals. Alternatively I provide chakra upgrades and healings through my site, take a look for more information. 

Until next time, Diamond Light Ryan