What is a Dimension?

As we approach 2012 with all of the theories, rumours and ancient calendars coming to a point we hear lots of scientific talk about Energetic Dimensions, So what is a dimension?  Now I am no scientist but here is my have a go explanation on Dimensions on what I have experienced and seen in my spiritual teaching life.

To me an energetic dimension is a bandwidth of energy within which we operate, not to dissimilar to a radio channel that can only be received between certain points.  All that operate within this dimension operate at a certain frequency in energetic terms.  Each dimension to me is equivalent to a being a student studying a university degree where we all learn our lessons about life, physicality, emotional responsibility, mental projection and spiritual life awareness.  When we finish our energetic degree we ascend (move up) to another dimension to start our next degree.

So how many Dimensions are there?  GOD only knows, but from my spiritual healing work so far I have seen up to the 13th Dimension, which was a pretty amazing energy to be in.  So there may be thousands, millions or even infinite numbers of dimensions.

What Dimension are we currently in?  The majority of mankind at present is operating at the frequency of the 3rd dimension and some people are opening up to the 4th and 5th Dimension.

What is the 3rd Dimension?  Within this frequency of energy of which you are all very familiar you are learning about your own power and how to get it back from others which has been given away to others due to one fear or another. It is about taking responsibility for your life and accepting that everything that happens to you is some sort of reflection of yourself.  In this dimension you need to become emotionally responsible and start to take control of your own thoughts and not let yourself be manipulated by others. Finally it’s about balancing and empowering the Masculine and Feminine energy within you so that you can come to that place of oneness and live from a place of unconditional love.  Once you have started on you spiritual path and you start to accept these truths then your heart starts to open and you begin to move into the 4th Dimension.

What happens in the 4th dimension?  When you start to move into this dimension part of you will still be in the 3rd dimension and part of you in the fourth (You can exist in many dimensions at once depending upon your own learning requirements). This dimension is all about opening the heart chakra and working out who your true self actually is!  You start to experience past lives which need healing, Inner child issues, Your shadow self comes up for integration and you become aware of your higher self operating for your highest good.  This Dimension brings you to a place of the NOW and starts to empower you to become a creator rather than a victim of consciousness.

Will I get into the 5th Dimension?  The fifth dimension is what we are all yearning to be in the energy of.  It holds the energy of freedom, abundance, peace, unconditional love, trust, innocence and purity. An energy of pure joy where we will be at the highest dimension possible whist in a physical body.  This is the Dimension of the crystalline energy where crystals work with our energetic auras to connect us with each other, it is the dimension of telepathy, healing through thoughts, total earth connection, clairsentience, clairaudience and many other spiritual gifts that we can’t yet even understand.  Hopefully you will make it this far where the transition will happen chakra by chakra so that the body can adjust to these new energies, some of you may already have 5th Dimensional chakras???

In further posts I will talk about the 7 individual chakras and how they can be raised to the frequency of the 5th Dimension.  

Diamond Light – Ryan


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