Root Chakra

The root (base, muldhara) chakra is the lowest of the 7 major chakras within our body.  This spinning disc of energy is located at the bottom of the spine.  At the 3rd Dimension this chakra is a Red or black in colour and when it is raised to the 5th dimension the colour changes to a clear crystal or platinum colour. (To understand about dimensions please read my previous blog post on “what is a dimension?”)

The root chakra is our connection to the Earth and how we ground our self physically into this existence.  It can provide us with boundless energy and success in all Earthly endeavours or it can restrict us by playing on our deepest fear to stop the flow of energy so that we can’t manifest of receive those things that we have worked so hard to receive.

Balanced – When the root chakra is balanced we feel centred, grounded, healthy, fully alive, have unlimited physical energy, can manifest abundance and Take good care of the body. Generally speaking we love life!

Closed – When the base chakra is closed or spinning to slowly we lack confidence, feel weak, can’t achieve goals, have low sexual energy, have fears and insecurities with the extreme being suicidal thoughts.  We feel doubtful and unworthy and compensate for these insecurities by keeping and acquiring material possessions and forming addictions to them.

Too Open – When the base is spinning too fast we can feel anxious, egoistic, domineering, greedy, sadistic, sexual energy entirely genital and Judgmental towards self and others.

So what condition is your root chakra in today?  This chakra for me changes like the wind one minute its open and balanced the next it’s closed.  It all depends what you are dealing with in your current life to what condition it is in. 

To move this chakra up to the level of the 5th Dimension we need to purify it of all the lower vibrational energies which all stem from one fear or another.   Once we have released all of our fears we are able to trust the universe to provide for our every need and can live in harmony.  If you are reading this blog post now,  then just maybe you have some issues to deal with at present relating to your root chakra!

There are many ways to upgrade and heal your root chakra. You could see  a recommended energy/spiritual healer, you may do some healing in meditation or with crystals. Alternatively I provide chakra upgrades and healings through my site, take a look for more information. 

Until next time, Diamond Light Ryan


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