Scorpio NEW Moon November 2010

This week which is nearly over has been a power packed energetic week that has left a lot of us whom are on the spiritual path bowled over in one way or another.  Not only did we have Halloween, All Saints day and All souls day which were a huge trinity of power packed days, which  gave us all great opportunities to learn and heal our ancestral issues and karma.  We also had the New moon of 4/5 November. 

This New moon is in the sign of Scorpio and by no coincidence the Sun is also in the sign of Scorpio… How great is that??? Both Sun(masculine) and Moon (Feminine) is in the sign of Scorpio. What a great opportunity to heal, balance and empower our core power and sexuality of which Scorpio rules.

Now being a true Scorpio myself, being bombarded with all of this Scorpio energy is very intense and I have struggled, battled and eventually surrendered to its mesmerizing power.  It has taken me to a very primordial place of insecurity to find my own true security.  It has challenged my inner and outer power struggles and tested my relationship needs and wants.  It took me to a dark place so that a part of me could die and my true self be born and come into full light.

Also I felt that I was being tested on how I react or respond to old emotional and mental patterns which I have been working to release over the past year. My shadow certainly has been a busy boy this week.  Although I have not fully passed this test with a 100% mark, I feel I have definitely made the grade to go on to the next level.

So what about the energy of this NEW moon?

Harness that Scorpio power of divine will and aim to break those psychological shackles and remove those wounds which you associate yourself with!  GO FOR IT, commit 100% and push forward on your path. Show daring and adventure – risk bringing you masculine and feminine energies together and learn from their teachings this will be a very powerful 2 weeks where unity is possible with the current astrological alignment!  Try feeling what unity is all about and start to embody it before this unique window passes you by!

Diamond Light – Ryan


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