The Spiritual Lessons of our legs and feet

my soles photographed on a table

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Our legs and feet play a very important role in our lives.   They are there to make sure that we are fully grounded therefore feeling fully alive in this body. They are there to propel us forward through our life, being able to move forward at extreme speeds or bringing us to a total stop!

Our Legs – These two forward moving pillars take us through life making every twist, turn, acceleration, deceleration and complete stop.  If we look at their current physical state it can be a great guide to where we are on our spiritual path.

When the energetic blockages within the aura around the legs build up too much we start to have physical issues with our legs.  These physical complaints can take on many different forms which will be personal to each of us, but rest assured if you have problems within your legs then you definitely have some issues about moving forward in life that need dealing with.  I firmly believe that if you can find the energetic/spiritual issue and release it then the physical issue will disappear.

The blockages could be from a plethora of origins of which some include childhood issues, womb issues, past lives, ancestral issues, past lives, karma etc.   These issues can be helped by many alternative therapies such as Magnified healing, homeopathy, IET, Reiki to name but a few.  Any work done energetically on the legs will bring great benefits to your life by letting you walk with no resistance into the future.

Our Feet – There is one main chakra in each foot roughly located near the centre of the heel and there are 5 smaller chakras within each of the toes.  They are associated with feeling grounded to this Earth and feeling part of Earths ascension process.  They work closely with the Root chakra (see Root chakra post)and the Earth Star Chakra (see Earth chakra post, coming soon).

When both feet are fully open we feel balanced, centred and part of this experience we call Earth, we feel great amounts of joy and are happy to be alive at this moment celebrating the NOW.  Also our connection to the Earth, Animal and mineral kingdom is very strong and we become more responsible with issues regarding protecting the Earth and the Animals kingdom.  We feel balanced, active in our lives and are honouring ourselves by taking enough time to rest and recuperate so that we can keep moving forward at a nice steady pace.

When the left foot is open and the right foot closed – We can be in a time of rest, nurturing and recuperation, where we have retreated from the world and are taking some well deserved ME time.  Alternatively we could have become too withdrawn from life and may be suffering or are frustrated that we can’t move forward in life.  Maybe even depressed or feeling alone.

When the right foot is open and the left foot is closed – We are in a very active mode, getting lots of things done and moving forward at great speed.  But if the left foot is closed it means we are not taking enough time for rest and recuperation resulting in a crash and burn situation.

When both feet are closed – We are totally cut off from the world neither moving forward nor being replenished.  No energy is passing into the earth meaning that our connection to this earth is very limited. There’s a very strong chance here of depression and negative thoughts ruling your life.  If you feel both feet are closed you need to take some form of action to unblock them.

How can Nature Help – By walking in nature either on the grass, soil, sand or water you can connect fully with the Earth energies.  We spend too much time walking on concrete where the natural elements of Mother Earth can’t access us.  Spend some well deserved time walking in these elements and setting the intention that all unwanted energies is passed into the Earth.  Once these negative energies have left then ask mother earth to send nurturing healing energies from the Earth into your body.  You will feel 100% better!!

Until next time – Diamond Light – Ryan


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