11:11 A great day for being perfect!

Today has been a very pleasant high-powered energy portal day for me.  First completing all of my admin for my next courses and then a day free to enjoy the bounty of energies that this day holds.  A day of surrender!!

My friend then called and we went for coffee and a walk out around the harbour walls.  The energy was so powerful as the wind was almost gale force and the harbour itself seemed like a bubbling cauldron with the water being whipped up into a frenzy.  Although the elements were against us they were also with us in the same context.  Busily working away clearing our energy fields of all unwanted emotions, thought patterns and physical ills.

It was whilst walking out in the elements that my mind wandered thinking about the 11:11 day that we were experiencing.  A day of powerful but joyful energies there to support us on our souls journey.  To give us an extra helping hand in these accelerated ascension years building up to 2012.

11 for me is my special number it’s the number I always notice in my daily life and the number that stands out from the crowd, on clocks, phones, buses, house numbers etc.  It is the number of transformation, it is the number of the IAM presence merging with our physical self.  A portal number supporting the merging of heaven and Earth.

The Gale force wind that we are experiencing is on this 11:11 day is cleansing the planet of those unwanted thought forms and belief systems we need to let go, those patterns of limitation and restriction.  SO If you haven’t done already go out and brave the elements and let the winds take away any unwanted thought patterns and belief systems you want to let go of.

Then find somewhere quiet and open up in meditation – see the 11:11 numbers floating around and unlocking your being so that you can access the perfection energy that we all have deep within us … YOU ARE PERFECT !

Diamond Light – Ryan – www.oriondiamond.com


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