Dreams … They are changing?

Sleeping Beauty

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Over the past couple of months for me Dreamtime has become crazy. It used to be a time of pleasant dreams or not remembering any dreams.  But just lately things have changed and become more active and real in them.  Or I am just starting to remember them more than I used to ???

They are so varied now and include many elements of my life that just don’t go together, family, friends, lovers (whom I have no idea who they are) and very strange surroundings which seem to morph into different scenes within seconds. 

The raw elements are always in there somewhere, Earth/Fire/Wind/Water.  I always seem to be on some kind of mission and there is always something kicking off violently somewhere, sometimes even the odd murder or shooting (eeeekkk)!

The one that sticks in my mind more than any is swimming naked in the river near where I live with my Grandma (yes need therapy for that one). I mean ok I up for being guided by my Grandma in my dreams but NAKED!!! Come on give me a break!

I see this trend in dreams with my clients and students also, they feel the dreams are becoming very real and some people are struggling to discern between dream world and their current life.  They are also waking up feeling that physical changes have happened during their sleep almost as if the have been working out overnight!

But WORRY NOT people!  All this crazy dream time has a purpose!

My Light being guides tell me that we are healing much faster than we used to and a lot of this healing is taking place in dream time, It’s a helping hand from our spirit guides so that our physical vehicles are clearer during the day, so that we have the opportunity to release yet more of our blockages which we need to experience and learn from.

So why is it happening much quicker NOW?  – This is due to the whole Earth operating in a higher level of energy on its way towards the NEW 5th Dimensional Earth (see post on dimensions for more info on this) which is taking place now, coming up to the important energetic date of 2012.  Now we have a unique opportunity to release the old patterns of negative energies which clog up our bodies and the Earth so that we can become joy filled beings pushing forward on our souls journey.

Also for those on the spiritual path we are being upgraded physically as we sleep.  To be able to operate in a 5th dimensional society our cells must change too, so that they can take in the higher energies of love and light!  For me its been a tough few months on my body, I had to stop all forms of regular exercise whilst my body was going through some major changes.  I now feel a lot better and am starting to exercise once again!

Rest assured whatever changes are happening to us are all for our highest good and are helping us to grow spiritually faster than we ever have before.  We really should have gratitude for that!

What are you experiencing in dream time???

Diamond Light – Ryan – www.oriondiamond.com


4 thoughts on “Dreams … They are changing?

  1. Hi

    Yes .. dreamtime is particularly busy at the moment.

    I am glad to have found your blog .. I was reading about your experiences yesterday 11.11 … the energies were amazing and I agree those gale force winds were (are) adding to the feelings of `off with the old’ ..Last night if you had gone outside where I live and tried holding on ot your coat you would’ve found it a challenge! It was as if Mother Nature was saying – enough .. get rid of all this junk!
    Looking forward to journeying together.

  2. Yes amazing clear out we all had, I meditated outside for a while releasing the old patterns. I came back inside so happy and laughing. A good autumn clear out – diamond light 🙂

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