Releasing Loneliness and becoming ALONE

In my early life I always thought of feeling lonely as a weakness.  A feeling that shows you need attention and support from others…  Well let’s just say that I don’t feel that it is a weakness anymore, the words Lonely and Alone are master teachers in themselves and will unravel your insecurities and take them to a place of pure empowerment.

Being Lonely – When I connected in with the word Lonely I was transported by my subconscious to many times when I have felt lonely in my earlier life.  These were times when I did not want to accept that I was lonely.  I saw myself doing activities like shopping, socialising, drinking  and eating to try and hide from the feelings of being alone which inevitably suppressed these feelings into my aura.  When these emotions became suppressed in my energy field it started influencing my perception on the world and the world’s perception of me.  I viewed the world as a lonely place and the world did the same to me.

These suppressed feelings stay in your energy field until you are strong enough or ready to deal with them.  So this year I faced my inner loneliness head on and asked for all of these suppressed feelings be released from my energy field.  As these feelings started to move out of my body I had a tough couple of weeks actually feeling very alone, all of my phone calls were not answered, my work dried up and I definitely was feeling lonely.  It brought up a few tears and a general feeling of being upset and depressed but I was determined for all of these feelings to be released fully.

Towards the end of the release a new feeling waved over me. That was a new feeling it was a feeling of I AM Alone!

I AM Alone– This new feeling was great and it felt very empowering to say it I AM Alone!  It made me aware that we are truly alone in this life.  The only person we should rely on is ourselves; we should be totally responsible for our own thoughts, actions and emotions.  By becoming alone you start to recognise your immense divine power and that great things can be achieved when you come to this place of empowerment.

Now this is not to say you have to feel lonely whilst you are Alone, we can invite in many relationships to support our spiritual and material lives.  We can also invite in some empowering romantic relationships to help us to grow in further awareness.  But by being alone and standing on your own two spiritual feet you decide who comes into your life which is a great achievement which brings a great amount of spiritual pride!

I would recommend to everyone to connect in an find the Lonely parts of you, honour them and feel them then release them to the universe and bring in the empowerment of being ALONE!

I would love to hear your comments and experiences!

Diamond Light – Ryan


2 thoughts on “Releasing Loneliness and becoming ALONE

  1. I read your post with interest. I believe that all of our emotions are valid and need to be felt, heard and expressed. I have written about anger before … it is like inviting these feeling in for a cuppa and really hearing them out. Supressed feelings and emotions of any kind can be dangerous as they will always be heard … if one doesn’t do this mindfully , like you obviously did, they will find a more destructive way to be released.
    Your post reminded me of my friend, Luxonia’s , recent channelling.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting it here. I thought you might enjoy it as it mirrors a lot of what you have written. Thanks for your post – i enjoyed reading about your experiences.
    Here it is:

    I had no intention to channel today. I wanted to have a day off. But I realized something a moment ago, inspired by my last night’s blog posting of Soul, certain private messages and my loneliness of yesterday. I asked my Soul why have I felt so lonely during these years of personal growth, and the answer was: “This is so that you never want to be lonely again, when you can choose, you want to unite and be One”.

    This is a rare moment. I am going to channel my Soul. The pure, innocent part of me that I have experienced only as moments.

    We exist with you but we do not feel the feelings that you do, as human. This is how it was created. You, the human part, experience in density, we, the souls, can only access you in moments, not longer. We are always aware of everything in your experience, but we are not able to feel all that you feel. Our sensory system is different. We live outside polarity. We are beings, as you might call us, but we are also One. We have the ability to detach a part of ourselves, to experience in worlds, and you always carry a part of me, everyone carries a part of their soul in the human experience. Then, when the experience is fulfilled, that part returns, outside polarity and dualism.

    When you evolve, you are able to become more conscious of your soul. The values that you cherish, they come from your soul. We are light of values. We are the higher octave of you. Not higher in the sense of being better, just different. Every human is perfect as they are. Perfect.

    When you ascend, when you move from one frequency range to the next, we merge. We become One.

    You, all of you, have experienced loneliness. It serves a purpose. Now that you know what it is to be lonely, you can choose not to be. You can choose to consciously want to be One. Understanding loneliness is the key to Oneness. Cherish the journey. Everything happens for a purpose. Loneliness is the other side of Oneness. When you flip the coin you can never be lonely again. Cherish this moment of loneliness. It is making you aware. Aware.

    These are the illusions created so that you can find the truth. Could you ever consciously choose Oneness without experiencing loneliness?

    We bless you, sweet wonderful human parts of us. Believe, we are joining soon. In the New Earth, human is soul. Soul is human. It is close.

    Soul energy feels angelic. I sometimes miss my Soul part, the infinite Love in the moment of now. But I also feel that the merge is close. Maybe today, the magical 11.11., we take a moment to cherish our Souls, and ask to feel that part of ourselves, if only for a moment.

    © You can freely share the messages of Luxonia for non-commercial purposes provided that you do not alter the contents, and include the link to the original publication channel:

  2. Thanks for your comment, loved her message, strange how 11-11 was too when I was coming out of this healing period. Sounds like we are on a similar path.

    Diamond light – Ryan

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