Royal wedding reflects a sacred marriage?

The press has been whipped up into frenzy after the announcement of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton this week.  It has been received as a blast of good news in these austere times.  Good wishes from all have been received with even the Queen communicating to the faithful through Twitter and Facebook.

Through the course of their lengthy 8 year relationship since they met at St Andrews they have had chance to learn through each other whilst also enjoying their young adulthood. A wise move if you ask me.  If more people worked out who they were before jumping into marriage then there would be much more happiness in the world!

So through this relationship they have grown to understand their strengths and floors, had a relationship break up, been to very tough emotional places and been scrutinised by the media.  This is to be applauded as a relationship that looks fit to last and will be a happy one to follow.  Which I hope it does as it would be an example to all.

This whole happy affair then makes me think about our own relationship, the relationship between our inner masculine and inner feminine energies.  Two energies that we posses that when balanced can bring us into the energy of Oneness.

Our external relationship with the sexes plays out our masculine and feminine dramas and issues that need to be dealt with within our own energy fields.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic it could come in all forms of relationship challenges like friends, peers, family etc.

 It doesn’t even matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual, we are all searching for the same thing, balancing our inner masculine and feminine selves becoming ONE.  However we have all chosen a slightly different way to achieve it!

So what are your external relationships like with the opposite and same sexes?  The clues are right in front of our faces.  You just need to accept that your relationship dramas are because of YOU, once you accept responsibility for this it becomes much easier to see your masculine and feminine issues!

Balancing and empowering your masculine and feminine energies is what humanity needs to work on at this time, could you imagine a world at with peace, freedom and joy reigning supreme?  Well it can happen and will happen so play your part and start working on your inner masculine and feminine so they can form the sacred marriage which will bring you the ONENESS you deserve.

Diamond Light – Ryan


2 thoughts on “Royal wedding reflects a sacred marriage?

  1. Interesting …. yes, this marriage is very much `in front of our faces’ . In the UK we will hear of little else for the next while 🙂
    This balance within to see balance without … for me I have been in a relationship for a very long time ( half of my life)
    I see it as a dance .. and sometimes the person who leads does not necessarily have to be the male. There can be an interchange.
    I have found this to be the case for me.
    If both partners ( internally and externally) are willing to go with the flow of energy and change places once in a while it seems to create a flow.
    Problems occur when both want the same role at the same time … I guess it is like most things – all in the timing.
    Oooh …. I can see a blog post for myself about this one 🙂
    Thanks – great post!

  2. Thanks – glad to be of inspiration. For me its been the opposite, mainly single all my life, playing out the dramas … Now finally I feel my inner self is ready to go outside and find that external relationship!

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