Winter Solstice, Full Moon & Eclipse 21-12-2010

“You are fast approaching a portal of infinite possibilities and evolution in your time frame. It is here where a great leap of consciousness will occur on your planet. Many light beings from the multi-verse have gathered to focus energies of love and support to you all on the Earth to help you through the next transition.

The planets are in full supporting alignment to free you from the shackles of old patterns and systems which no longer support your changing energetic grid. For those whom have done much spiritual work this year the effects will be felt less than those whom are just awakening to their spiritual path.

All which happens on this date is within the divine plan and will lead to greater levels of love and abundance in your lives. This triplicate energetic date will activate and enable the removal of the lowest frequencies of fear which have been present on your planet for thousands of years since the fall of Atlantis.

From now until 2012 false truths and half truths will be uncovered and exposed for the frauds that they are! Keep positive during this time and know that only good can come from speaking and living in Truth. Finding your own unique voice and sound will be the next stage in your healing path, your own personal frequency of truth. A truly 5th dimensional energy an energy that all humans now have available to them since the 10-10-10 portal.

During 2011 beings from other dimensions will make themselves known to many of us. They will be from your own star planets and will come to you to remind you of why you are here on this planet at this time. They will remind you of your soul purpose and will provide support in achieving this.

So on this Solstice, Full Moon and Eclipse surrender to the energies of your higher self and let the changes happen. You are loved more than you know, feel and think.

I AM Kalita of the Keffle and I speak through the energy of the 8th Dimension of the cosmic heart”

Ryan will be running a class in Dublin on the 21st-12-2010 to download these amazing energies. We will be working with Kalita on this evening and a mini personal healing will be given to all. If you can’t make the class there is also the option to book a distant broadcast.

See for more information on the class. To book the distant healing please see the broadcast page for booking details. Diamond Light – Ryan


Sexual Healing of our reproductive organ

Kugeln, yin and yang, Klangkugeln

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Ok so we are going to open up the sensitive issue of our reproductive organs and how we can bring balance the male and female energies, working towards the energy of ONENESS & pure love.

These organs hold the imprint of our physical, emotional and mental sexual experiences right back to our birth and before, they also relate to the root and sacral chakra.  They are an energetic powerhouse waiting to be cleansed and empowered so that they can help you on your Souls journey.

As the SEX word is a taboo in many parts of our society many of us have suppressed our issues of sexuality and sexual experiences.  Some feel shame, guilt, unworthiness and judgment due to our belief system and keep all of our SEX ISSUES a secret! We would come on leaps and bounds if only we were brave enough to own up, accepted and let our secrets go!

Do you feel sex is wrong?  I feel that this is such an untruth, loving another person whichever sex you choose is a powerful energy and can open you up to levels of love and transformation you never thought possible. 

However we need to use discernment and ensure that we do not become a SEX addict or predator (which is a whole other blog post).  There are a minority however who have chosen vows of celibacy to keep them self pure, this also is perfect for them if they chose this path and were not forced into it! Remember people we are not here to Judge others!  On the whole SEX is good and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Meditation exercise to help empower your reproductive organs!

So take some time and connect with the energy of these powerful organs and connect in with the testes or ovaries and find out what energetic requirements they have. Do this in meditation or with a recommended healer in a one on one session.

The left ovary/testes represents the feminine (YIN) energy – It doesn’t matter if you are male or female as everything in our nature is masculine or feminine even if it appears physically male or female.  Ask to be shown an image of your female sexual self – you will be shown or get a feeling of how she looks and feels, take time to asses her current state and work out what she requires.

Do the same for the right ovary/testes which is your masculine (YANG) energy and work out what he requires from you.

You may find that you need to take action in your physical life or send daily healing to these organs.  This is a powerful process that needs to be done so that we can open up our sexual self.

I would recommend that you conduct also a ritual cleansing of the organs and set a timeline for abstinence either 11 or 28 days so that you can spend time healing and expanding your reproductive organs.  Speaking from personal experience this works if you commit to it!

Some of us have more things here to deal with than others, but the chances are if you are reading this then you need to do some work! I would love to hear your comments, If you are unable to do this work alone then please contact myself for a distant or in person session.

Diamond Light – Ryan

The transforming energies of 2010 so far!

Lightning over the outskirts of Oradea, Romani...

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2010 for most of us has been a challenging and transformative time, especially for those of us whom have surrendered to our spiritual path whole heartedly.  We have been the spiritual pioneers playing our own unique and important part in our own and the Earths ascension process.

There have been numerous energy portal dates, eclipses and astrological alignments that have not been seen in thousands of years!  It seemed like every week we were being informed of another energy bombardment to help us gain more light!  Every time we were zapped and upgraded, our bodies took time to integrate and for many of us isolation and sleep were our only comforts!

Poverty reigned supreme for some as all old troubles reared there ugly head one last time before being cleansed.  Old romantic partners, friends and peers may have appeared in your life so that the emotional cords you were still holding onto could be cut for good!  Golden moments occurred where you though YES I know who I am and what I have to do only to subside into the ether as if to test us even more.  Power struggles and mental conflicts all could have appeared for that final rinse clean.

Our hearts have been working overtime to expand and bring in the higher vibrations of light reconnecting our energetic fields to the stars and the universe from where we came. The master glands within our brains have been expanding starting to activate the unused portion of the brain and merge our masculine and feminine energies.  For some the 3rd eye has started to open and we are seeing things that we have not seen before.

The energy shifts of 2010 alone are greater than the sum of all transitions since 2001…so if you are reading this a big congratulations is due!

Challenging and expanding are the two words I would describe this year!  It has been a time where I have had to find my separate self, karmic issues, core issues, ancestral issues etc and integrate the whole lot back into my body.  As a result my body is lighter and more aware of what I need to deal with and the path in which I need to head.  So what for 2011?

2011 will be another transformative year where the masses will start to wake up spiritually and go through the types of experiences that light workers have been going through for the last few years. So get ready people, you have your part to play somewhere in whatever way is right for you!

The Earth will carry on its cleansing process and any false truths will continue to be exposed for what they are.  It will be a year of trusting your intuition and guidance from above and following it with an open heart.  Remember the saying “you have nothing to fear but fear itself”

Your thoughts and intentions will be manifesting more quickly – so be careful what you wish for!! Love, abundance and freedom are the way of the future!!

You are perfect in every way, Look forward to this amazing time that you chose to incarnate into!

 Diamond Light – Ryan

The activation of our root chakra aged 0-18 months

0-18 months root chakra

When we are born the first chakra to be activated and developed is the root chakra. It is our initial grounding into human life, where we form our core identity, define who are parents are and our physical surroundings. It is also the time when we are aware on a spiritual level of our ancestral lineage and the issues we are here to resolve.

During this first 18 months we are aware of our parents and close family members and how they connected with us. These initial contacts and relationships became major learning points in our development. These energetic experiences have a lasting effect on us forming who we are today. If you are reading this blog post there is definitely some healing which can be done on the root chakra.

This time moulded our relationship to living on Earth, how grounded we are and that feeling of do we truly belong!

Here are a few pointers to help you look at your own life at this time and will provide some clues to help you to heal the blockages from this time.

What was the contact like you had with both mother and father?
Were you missing one parent? Your contact with any brothers or sisters?
What were relationships like with close family? Were you looked after by a Nanny?
What was your birth like? Did you cry much? Were you a well baby or quite ill?

You may need to ask family about this to gather information. This work can be done in meditation or if you need external help a recommended healer. This is our most physical chakra and it is very common to feel physical reactions when conducting healing on this chakra.

If we can release the blocks from this time in our life, we also heals similar blockages which have been repeated throughout our lives which originated at this time. So it’s worth taking some time out to develop your root chakra and open it up to the higher frequencies of light. In doing so you will increase your feeling of belonging and enjoying the bounty that Earth has to offer!

Diamond Light – Ryan –