The activation of our root chakra aged 0-18 months

0-18 months root chakra

When we are born the first chakra to be activated and developed is the root chakra. It is our initial grounding into human life, where we form our core identity, define who are parents are and our physical surroundings. It is also the time when we are aware on a spiritual level of our ancestral lineage and the issues we are here to resolve.

During this first 18 months we are aware of our parents and close family members and how they connected with us. These initial contacts and relationships became major learning points in our development. These energetic experiences have a lasting effect on us forming who we are today. If you are reading this blog post there is definitely some healing which can be done on the root chakra.

This time moulded our relationship to living on Earth, how grounded we are and that feeling of do we truly belong!

Here are a few pointers to help you look at your own life at this time and will provide some clues to help you to heal the blockages from this time.

What was the contact like you had with both mother and father?
Were you missing one parent? Your contact with any brothers or sisters?
What were relationships like with close family? Were you looked after by a Nanny?
What was your birth like? Did you cry much? Were you a well baby or quite ill?

You may need to ask family about this to gather information. This work can be done in meditation or if you need external help a recommended healer. This is our most physical chakra and it is very common to feel physical reactions when conducting healing on this chakra.

If we can release the blocks from this time in our life, we also heals similar blockages which have been repeated throughout our lives which originated at this time. So it’s worth taking some time out to develop your root chakra and open it up to the higher frequencies of light. In doing so you will increase your feeling of belonging and enjoying the bounty that Earth has to offer!

Diamond Light – Ryan –


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