Sexual Healing of our reproductive organ

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Ok so we are going to open up the sensitive issue of our reproductive organs and how we can bring balance the male and female energies, working towards the energy of ONENESS & pure love.

These organs hold the imprint of our physical, emotional and mental sexual experiences right back to our birth and before, they also relate to the root and sacral chakra.  They are an energetic powerhouse waiting to be cleansed and empowered so that they can help you on your Souls journey.

As the SEX word is a taboo in many parts of our society many of us have suppressed our issues of sexuality and sexual experiences.  Some feel shame, guilt, unworthiness and judgment due to our belief system and keep all of our SEX ISSUES a secret! We would come on leaps and bounds if only we were brave enough to own up, accepted and let our secrets go!

Do you feel sex is wrong?  I feel that this is such an untruth, loving another person whichever sex you choose is a powerful energy and can open you up to levels of love and transformation you never thought possible. 

However we need to use discernment and ensure that we do not become a SEX addict or predator (which is a whole other blog post).  There are a minority however who have chosen vows of celibacy to keep them self pure, this also is perfect for them if they chose this path and were not forced into it! Remember people we are not here to Judge others!  On the whole SEX is good and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Meditation exercise to help empower your reproductive organs!

So take some time and connect with the energy of these powerful organs and connect in with the testes or ovaries and find out what energetic requirements they have. Do this in meditation or with a recommended healer in a one on one session.

The left ovary/testes represents the feminine (YIN) energy – It doesn’t matter if you are male or female as everything in our nature is masculine or feminine even if it appears physically male or female.  Ask to be shown an image of your female sexual self – you will be shown or get a feeling of how she looks and feels, take time to asses her current state and work out what she requires.

Do the same for the right ovary/testes which is your masculine (YANG) energy and work out what he requires from you.

You may find that you need to take action in your physical life or send daily healing to these organs.  This is a powerful process that needs to be done so that we can open up our sexual self.

I would recommend that you conduct also a ritual cleansing of the organs and set a timeline for abstinence either 11 or 28 days so that you can spend time healing and expanding your reproductive organs.  Speaking from personal experience this works if you commit to it!

Some of us have more things here to deal with than others, but the chances are if you are reading this then you need to do some work! I would love to hear your comments, If you are unable to do this work alone then please contact myself for a distant or in person session.

Diamond Light – Ryan


2 thoughts on “Sexual Healing of our reproductive organ

  1. Really interesting that you are writing about this.
    I have been reading a lot lately about the alchemy of merging the feminine and masculine energies.
    A synchronicity for you … On Tuesday night on BBS radio ( internet radio) Solara An Ra was speaking about using the command `I call Light to myself now!’
    I sent her an email this morning about how this command is amazing when you use it with sex. It brings a whole other dimension to the union .. wonderful and powerful.
    She has emailed me back to say that she will be talking about tantra next time on the radio with her guides.
    I will let you know when … think it is Tuesday, December 28th @ 8pm.
    Loved your blog

  2. Yes – It’s been a long journey with the merging of the 2 which is still happening for me, it’s a topic I feel very passionately about!

    The morning before I read your “I call light to myself” blog, I actually had just completed that exercise myself. Crikey – Think we are both on the same telepathic frequency as I feel a great connection to what you write about!

    Diaomnd light – Ryan

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