Winter Solstice, Full Moon & Eclipse 21-12-2010

“You are fast approaching a portal of infinite possibilities and evolution in your time frame. It is here where a great leap of consciousness will occur on your planet. Many light beings from the multi-verse have gathered to focus energies of love and support to you all on the Earth to help you through the next transition.

The planets are in full supporting alignment to free you from the shackles of old patterns and systems which no longer support your changing energetic grid. For those whom have done much spiritual work this year the effects will be felt less than those whom are just awakening to their spiritual path.

All which happens on this date is within the divine plan and will lead to greater levels of love and abundance in your lives. This triplicate energetic date will activate and enable the removal of the lowest frequencies of fear which have been present on your planet for thousands of years since the fall of Atlantis.

From now until 2012 false truths and half truths will be uncovered and exposed for the frauds that they are! Keep positive during this time and know that only good can come from speaking and living in Truth. Finding your own unique voice and sound will be the next stage in your healing path, your own personal frequency of truth. A truly 5th dimensional energy an energy that all humans now have available to them since the 10-10-10 portal.

During 2011 beings from other dimensions will make themselves known to many of us. They will be from your own star planets and will come to you to remind you of why you are here on this planet at this time. They will remind you of your soul purpose and will provide support in achieving this.

So on this Solstice, Full Moon and Eclipse surrender to the energies of your higher self and let the changes happen. You are loved more than you know, feel and think.

I AM Kalita of the Keffle and I speak through the energy of the 8th Dimension of the cosmic heart”

Ryan will be running a class in Dublin on the 21st-12-2010 to download these amazing energies. We will be working with Kalita on this evening and a mini personal healing will be given to all. If you can’t make the class there is also the option to book a distant broadcast.

See for more information on the class. To book the distant healing please see the broadcast page for booking details. Diamond Light – Ryan


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