Chinese New Year : Year of the Metal Rabbit!

“On Thursday 03 February on the Chinese new year we will enter the energy of the Metal Rabbit. We will be leaving the year of the Tiger, which was a tough year for most of us on the spiritual path and entering the rabbit will be a blessing for most giving us courage and confidence to achieve our goals with steely purpose.”
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This transmission healing will work to remove any energies which are still hanging on from the year of the tiger.  This will enable you to open up to the year of the metal rabbit.  I will be working with this astrological energy to give your energy systems a kick-start!  So after all of those new year pledges and promises February is the time when you have enough strength to re-prioritise your goals and go get them!
More information about the energies of the Metal Rabbit
Metal confers a steely strength of purpose and more courage than we normally see in Rabbit behavior. He’s no world-beater in the confrontation department but, unlike some less feisty Rabbits who flee, he can hold his ground if and when he meets with an obstacle. Due to this ability to defend his point of view, he is more optimistic than other Rabbits. He may even be a tad aggressive. Still, Metal Rabbits remain cautious. They do not take great big scary risks.
They rarely act on impulse, think every detail through, comb the particulars of every new situation as though searching for fleas. Until each element is crystal clear Metal Rabbits will avoid investment, commitment, intimacy and marriage – even with close loved ones. Metal Rabbits need their lives to be orderly and prefer to stay out of the muddy waters of indecision.
If his projects don’t work out, the Metal Rabbit may not only stumble and fall but face ruin. This person is a great believer in sticking to his ideals. Unfortunately, he is rarely able to do so because he aspires to precarious positions and is easily shot down by ruthless adversaries. His downfall often comes in the form of a semi-depressive attitude towards getting ahead and a fatal loss of self-confidence.
Sometimes the Metal Rabbit races ahead of his failures and deliberately undertakes a project that he knows is above his capacities. This way, he can foresee and deflect the pain of the inevitable failure.
The Metal Rabbit’s word is as good as gold. Once committed, he makes a point of honoring his promises and always backs them up with sound informational data. He considers disloyal people and unfaithful friends or relatives unworthy of his time. He is impatient with all untidiness in human endeavor and insists on clarity and a hundred fail-safe clauses and procedures before signing any document.
This creature may well possess special gifts which allow him to read other people’s minds. He tends to introversion. Although he can be deliberately charming, he needs to beware of controversy. Hence the Metal Rabbit is never openly affable or outgoing. He is guarded.
The dark underbelly of his nature resides in gray areas and nether regions where ghosts and spirits play. He is more than occasionally drawn to participate in séance where the tables turn and spirits come back to claim communication with their loved ones.
The Metal Rabbit has fine taste. He may well become famous in some profession such as decoration or architecture, art history or even painting or drawing. He is an avid collector of objets d’art and because of his eye for detail, rarely falls into traps or is duped by dishonest dealers. His canny sixth sense perceives deceit through almost any disguise. At an auction, when he senses authenticity, his little velvet paws head straight for his checkbook. With lightning speed, he snaps up all the bargains at a single fell swoop.
This finely honed aesthete doesn’t have masses of pals or cronies. He is not someone to “hang out with” or invite in merely to shoot the breeze. The Metal Rabbit is a staid fellow with serious intentions and goals. He lets almost no one into his private life and rarely shares intimate information – even with his spouse or love partner.
Credits:  RABBIT YEAR FORECAST is available at Suzanne White’s Facebook site, or the official Suzanne White website.

Diamond Light – Ryan

“Increase your awareness to heal the past & present to enlighten your future”


Sonar Expansion Healing Therapy

Launched in January 2011 this advanced universal healing technology works with energies not seen on this planet for thousands of years.  It Works with the Platinum Ray frequencies & Sonar light codes of the 8th Dimension to influence the body’s core energies so that it can heal itself!

Sonar Expansion Healing works by sending sonar waves in the form of sacred words through the body to release suppressed issues and energetic blocks helping them to complete.  The sonar wave energy then works to integrate and expand bringing in beauty, abundance, balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, awakening of spiritual gifts, unique voice patterns that identify your soul and accelerate your soul’s mission.

Sonar Expansion Healing will bring enhanced intuition, empowered speech, clairaudience, heightened self-awareness, abundance, love and positive action into your life.  It will create a ripple effect in every aspect of your life, leaving no stone unturned until you attain self-mastery of all that you are.

Recent Client & Student Comments

“I love the Simplicity & depth of Sonar Expansion Healing. The deeper I go into it the simpler everything seems to be, with my deepest gratitude” Julio – Dublin

“I have received many therapies, but none have felt like this.  I felt the energy go through and around me in waves almost making a high-pitched pinging sound.  I felt the blocks just melt away and by the end of the session I was smiling on the inside and out.  I will definitely be taking the course”. Karolina – Dublin

“Sonar Expansion Healing is amazing, Its everyone’s dream . It goes right to the point of unrest within the matrix of being. I have found it quickly takes care of issues & disharmony within us very quickly or occasionally it works away at deeper issues for a longer period of time. One of my clients whom I treated with this had an imbalance in his heart and chest area. On a scale of one to 10 when we began the discomfort rated at 8 now today its a one . I feel some time is needed for issues to lose the familiar surroundings they have nested in for so long. With Sonar healing & expansion it removes the supports that keep our particular issues alive, which miraculously  transform.”  Patricia – Navan

“I found the Sonar Expansion Healing course to be one of the best I have done so far. Set in a relaxed, sharing environment the class was able to slowly but surely tease out, what the sonar healing would mean for us as individuals first before working on each other. The sonar energy is very powerful, yet I left the class feeling very confident about using it and I was excited to be able to use it both on myself for personal development and on others as a treatment.” Katie – Dublin

“As an experienced Reiki Master/Intuitive of several years, I was curious to know whether or not Sonar Expansion Healing would be anything different and went into this with an open mind.  The experience overall was overwhelming beautiful, the energies are soft & gentle, similar to that of Reiki but the way that the energies were sent & received felt completely different, I can only describe it as waves, quite literally, coming around my being & into my aura… and the word ‘Sonar’ truly does describe the type of energy received perfectly! I also had the experience of sensing the energies long after the treatment had taken place, it certainly does have an expansive feel to it and is something I would most certainly recommend.” Carol – Manchester

There are 2 ways to experience Sonar Expansion Healing

  1. Receive a Sonar Expansion Healing session either in person if you are based in Dublin or by a distant session.  Both can be booked from this site, please see distant healing section or in person healings section.
  2. Take the course, which is a one day certificated course where you will learn how to practice on self and become a therapist for others – for latest dates in Ireland & UK please see website below for dates and booking details.

You can also become a Teacher of Sonar Expansion Healing – Please contact Ryan directly to find out more!

Diamond Light – Ryan x

Hands, Mudras and Mantras : Bronchial Tract & Lungs

Here is the 4th Blog post about hands, mudras and mantras – hope you enjoy!

Subject: Bronchial Tract & Lungs Opening Meditation, Bronchial Mudra – This mudra has the same position for both hands. Place the Little finger to the base of the thumb, place the ring finger to the middle of the thumb, place the middle finger to the pad of the thumb and finally extend out the index finger. This mudra may need a little practise a the fingers do not fall naturally into this position. See picture below for help. Once both hands are in the position of the bronchial mudra then close your eyes and relax in meditation, feel the energy from the fingers releasing the tension in the bronchial area of the body. Do this meditation for 5 minutes at a time. It is recommended that people with bronchial constraints practise this mudra a few times a day. As always ensure you are grounded when returning from meditation. Information about respiratory issues: People with respiratory problems often suffer from inner loneliness, isolation, sexual problems ans sadness (grief). These feelings are often played down with humour or these individuals bind themselves to others by taking on others duties and concerns.

To deal with this it is important to admit your negative feelings and take a good look at them, do not judge them accept them and work out what you need to do to release them and what lessons have been learned. Be aware that these feelings are like waves on the ocean, they arise and then they pass on. The reasons for such feelings is a weakness that is caused by shallow breathing since improper respiration does not build up a reservoir of strength. When it is reduced weakness occurs not only at the physical level but also in the mental and emotional area.

Herbal help – The Herb Thyme is very good for the bronchial tract and the lungs it can be taken in the form of an herbal tea or with food.

Healing Meditation – Place yourself in meditation and grow your heart energy for a few minutes so connect with your divine guidance. When you are fully relaxed imagine yourself shrinking into your lungs, are you in the left (feminine) lung or right (masculine) lung? Here in your chosen lung you become aware of 5 doors: 1. Past Lives 2. Child self. 3. Womb 4. Ancestral Lineage 5. Recent self Let your heart choose which door you need to go through, once chosen open the door and walk through. Here you find a stair case which you walk down – you are walking down to reclaim a part of your respiratory system that has been lost. When you reach the bottom of the stairs you will start your own journey in one of the above subject areas. Be open to receive what you find at the bottom of the staircase. Here are a few examples of what you may find at the bottom of the stairs : A past life memory or connection which needs to be healed, A feeling from when you were in the womb that has stayed with you, A relative from a bygone era showing you something, a vision from your childhood when you lost something important. There are only a few examples – trust your intuition to show you what is required, the main thing is to bring back a part of yourself that is needed from this meditation! When finished in this meditation – come back up the stairs and out of the door then start to grow back into your original size. Then relax in your body for a few minutes feeling a part of you being integrated into your energy field.

Diamond Light – Ryan


Hands, Mudras & Mantras: Little Finger & Ganesha Mudra

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This is the third blogpost about Hands, Mudras and Mantras, To view the first two Posts see the Mudras section.

Little Finger – The Sacral centre is associated with the little finger energy.  It deals with interpersonal relationships as well as partnership.  It also contains the ability to communicate and relates to the element of Water.  This finger is also associated with the heart to bring joyful, fulfilling relationships which will warm, nourish and strengthen this organ.  It shows us our mood which is a reflection of our emotions and the sum of present feelings.  Depending upon our current state this can be reflected as a clam lake, strong river, a pond or turbulent seas etc etc.
Exercise 1 – Encircle your left little finger with your four right fingers and connect with the energy of the little finger.  You will now become aware of the element of water and will be shown a watery scene which reflects your current feminine emotional state.  Just be open to see an image, it could take many forms calm ocean, river rapids, a small pond, stagnant puddle etc etc.  Once you have this scene clear in your minds eye – work out what situation in your current life this is connected to.  Now work out how to deal with this issue is it something you need to let go of?  you need to speak to someone? you need to cut the cords? – Once you have worked out what to do, set the intention that it has already happened. and now visualise the water changing into the more positive form of the vision.  Feel the difference in the new energy of the water and enjoy its healing properties for a few minutes.
Exercise 2 – Encircle your right little finger with your left fingers and connect with the energy of the little finger.  Now repeat the previous exercise – here the difference is you will be connecting into your masculine energies instead of the feminine.
Ganesha Mudra – “The Deity whom overcomes all obstacles” 
Hold your left hand in front of your heart palm facing out and fingers curled in.  Then grip the right hand which palm is facing inwards intro a locking position with the left hand.  Whilst gripping at the heart level your are going to breathe deeply in and out six times – when you exhale you will vigorously pull the hands apart creating tension without releasing the grip. This will tense the muscles of the upper arms and chest area.  Whilst inhaling release the tension but keep the hands in a gripped position.  Repeat 6 times.  Once finished put both hands on the sternum and connect with the heart energies affirming to yourself “I am confident and open” for a few minutes.
Now repeat the exercise with the hands in opposite positions right palm facing out and left facing inwards.
This mudra stimulates heart activity, strengthens heart muscles, opens the bronchial tubes and releases any types of tension in this area.  It opens the 4th Chakra and gives us courage, confidence and openness to others.

Diamond Light – Ryan

Energies of the Full Moon in Cancer 19th January 2011

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We are already at that special time of the month again.  It is the first Full moon of 2011 which resides in the sign of cancer.  It only seemed 2 minutes ago that the chimes of New Year were being heard, my are we in for another fast energetic year!

Every full moon gives us the chance to explore our subconscious and offer up to the cosmos energies that we need to release which no longer serve us on our spiritual path.  Each Full moon there will be different emotions, themes and patterns which we can release for our highest good and then bring in the higher energies which we truly desire.

For me this week has been about releasing any inner chaos that I still held onto from what I tend to refer to as my more material life.  There has been a strong emotional energy working up to this full moon which has challenged me to stand up and enforce personal boundaries with people and not to bury myself in my emotions (very tough indeed).  I am now standing up tall, expressing my total truth and feeling secure in myself and what I am here to do in this life!

Here are the general themes of this Full Moon in Cancer – This Full Moon in Cancer is very intense as it is 29 degrees Cancer and also the Sun is 29 degrees Capricorn. 29 degrees is considered very important in astrology as it signifies endings.  Here you will be finishing some deep energetic lessons!

It’s a perfect moon to work on feeling secure in yourself and to release any co-dependency issues. 
It’s a great time to look at old emotional patterns and release them to the energy of this moon.

Finally this is a matriarchal moon which also helps us to deal with any mother issues and how we relate to women and the feminine energy in our life.  Its a great time to discover the deep fertility of your feminine side (yes and I mean men also) and start to feel how truly abundant you are in this life.

Have a great full moon and accept nothing less than your highest good!

Diamond Light – Ryan

Mudras, Hands & Mantras: Middle finger & Ring Finger

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Here is the second post all about the energy in the fingers!

Middle Finger – The Heavenly Finger, Longest finger towering over the others radiating into infinity. Saturn is associated with this finger.  It is also associated with the throat chakra as the throat is the gateway of purity which only opens when the student is pure of spirit and heart.  There are also 2 meridians associated with this finger (circulatory meridian &Gallbladder meridian).
Exercise one – Encircle right middle finger with the four left fingers and connect with the energy of this finger.Imagine doing what you like the most, see yourself mastering all obstacles and enjoying your activities.  See yourself successful and mentally envision what success looks like.  Know that what you are doing enriches the world around you.   (once you have completed this exercise then every time you connect with the right middle finger you will instantly remember the success you have achieved).
Exercise two – Encircle the left middle finger with the right 4 fingers and connect with the energy of this finger. Imagine healing impulses flowing from this finger to your gall bladder to transmute and heal any blockages until the gall bladder is glowing.  Then send healing impulses around the circulatory meridian around the body until all is clear.
Ring Finger – Associated with the earth and the root chakra. This force gives stamina staying power and assertiveness.  Associated with the deep meridian of the liver (The liver gives a person patience, hope and serenity).  This finger also rules the protective functions in the body and is responsible for body temp, cell function and immune system.
Exercise one – Encircle the left ring finger with the four right fingers and connect with the energy of this finger.  Imagine the bare earth in its raw form. Crushed rocks, scorched earth, sand and dessert – mother nature at its most harsh.  Feel the earthquakes, eruptions and blazing hot sun.  Once you have envisioned this then now imagine a fertile earth where everything now starts to grow in abundance.  Your attention is drawn to a tiny seed deep in the ground – every time you breathe the see moved and gains in energy, then it bursts into life – take your time watching the seed as it growth through the earth and forms a beautiful life form.  See every twist and turn it makes until it is fully grown and beautiful.
Exercise two – Encircle the Right ring finger with the four left fingers and connect with the energy from this finger.  Connect with the deep liver meridian and send healing impulses through this meridian to the liver where all blockages in the liver are transmuted and healed.  Once all is healed then send the energies of patience, serenity and hope into the liver where it will radiate your divine qualities.
Mantra – Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – the mantra of universal peace use it on yourself others and the planet.

Diamond Light – Ryan

Mudras, Hands and Mantras: Thumb & Index Finger

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For the next few blogs I will be working with the powerful energies of mudras which can transform and accelerate our self-healing.  Before we move on to the mudras we will work with each finger in meditation!

Meditation 1: Thumb Energy
The fire element, the lung meridian, and Mars (the planet and/or ancient god of war) are associated with the thumb. The fire of the thumb nourishes the energy of the other fingers and absorbs excess energy. It thereby restores equilibrium.
When we think about the incineration of garbage, we sense that destruction through fire can also have a power that creates order. Even in nature, when during the course of the decades a monoculture of the strongest has been created, the forest fire once again creates the preconditions for a larger variety of new plants.
The overheating within our bodies, the fever, kills entire cultures of bacteria. Fire is dependent upon air since it dies without oxygen; the same also applies to our cell respiration.
The metabolism in the individual cells can only properly function with adequate oxygen. We can actually strengthen every part of the body or every organ by visualizing and/or breathing light and warmth into it.
Either sit or lie down. Now encircle your right thumb with the four fingers of your left hand and place your left thumb along the inner edge of your right hand. Close your eyes.
Focus on a part of the body that is weak or ill. Now imagine that a light is burning in the lower center of your body (at the height of the naval). Every time you exhale, direct the rays of light toward the respective part of the body. First let large, dark clouds of smoke
things that make you ill, pain, etc.) escape from the illuminated body part. Then concentrate solely on the light that slowly fills, illuminates, and heals this part of the body.
Calmly keep holding onto your thumb for a while and feel the flowing warmth. Then encircle your left thumb and also hold this for a while.
Meditation 2: Index Finger Energy
The heart chakra, the large intestine, and the deep meridian of the stomach are associated with this finger. Here we also find the “sure” instinct, having “a good nose,” the ability to reflect, and inspiration. This energy goes to our innermost core and back to the cosmos from there. We can also draw on our innermost being (intuition) and receive from the cosmos (inspiration). This finger includes both closeness and expansiveness. How much closeness can we stand?
The air element represents the mind—the power of thought. Thoughts are as invisible as the air and yet, as the yogis have discovered, they are the cause of all the actions that we take or refrain from taking, of everything that we reject and attract, for our health and for every mood, and for the entire design of our life. The planetary power of Jupiter is also associated with this finger, and indicates the eternal change of things— accepting life with all its facets, working through (digesting), and letting go again.
There is also a clear, purposeful look into the future in this finger. Since our thoughts are so important, we should consider their quality more frequently. If we do the following meditation several days in a row, we will notice that there is a certain habit in our thoughts. Habits can be changed as soon as we become aware of them, but changes always require a certain amount of time. If we continuously replace harmful thoughts with useful ones, we can also change the circumstances of life accordingly.
Sit or lie down. Now encircle your right index finger with the four fingers of your left hand, letting the thumb extend to the middle of your right hand. Close your eyes.
You are sitting in front of a field and observe the swaying ears of grain. When you inhale, the ears of grain move toward you. When you exhale, they move away from you. Sometimes you see the entire field, and sometimes you see the individual ears of grain. You also see how the space gets smaller when you inhale, and larger when you exhale.
The yellow ears indicate transience, the great dying that is already contained in the seed of a new beginning. After a while, look into the expanse of the blue clouded sky and then inwardly to the safety of your own heart. Now observe the thoughts that come and go, and think about your thoughts for a while. How do you think most of the time? In a positive, negative, confident, fearful, brooding {turning over worries), critical, memory-dominated, or future-oriented way?
Keep holding onto your finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth. Then encircle your left index finger and also hold this for a while.
Mantra – Sa Ta Na Ma
This mantra can be said silently or out loud – when you are repeating this mantra imagine the words vibrating inside your physical body, releasing those old outworn patterns of thought and behaviours.
This mantra expresses the five primal sounds of the universe “S” is infinity “T” is life “N” means death “M” Means rebirth. The fifth sound is “A”.  The Power of this mantra comes from the fact that is rearranges the subconscious mind at the most elementary level.  It has the power to break habits and addictions because it accesses the level of the mind where habits are created. 

Until next time – Diamond Light, Ryan