Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Capricorn 4th January 2011

Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. * Addition...

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Tomorrow 4th January 2011 we experience the First energetic blast of 2011 and what a blast it will be!  We will experience a Solar eclipse and a new moon within 24 hours of each other.  The next step following on from the Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice and full moon we experienced in December.

The Solar Eclipse will bring light to show us the way in which we need to take action in 2011.  If you can spend some time meditating at the time of the sunrise on the morning of the 4th January, going outside to see the eclipse would be even better (for those of you seeing the full eclipse wear protective glasses).  Ask for guidance and to be shown the light, be grateful for anything you receive!

I feel that 2011 will be a year where we all need to concentrate on our physical bodies, to help them to reach the crystalline energy of the 5th Dimension and above.  We need to heal and nurture the body through exercise, yoga, being within nature, swimming or other physical activities so that we can release the impurities and poisons that our body has been fed over the years.  We also need to nourish the body with high energy foods so that it can hold greater levels of light.  I feel that herbs and minerals should play an important role in your diet this year!

Shortly after the Eclipse we have the New Moon, which is the first new moon of the year! The perfect time to set your intentions for the year ahead.  Spend time connecting with your heart and your soul to find out what you truly require!

I would recommend that you all work on a vision board that will help you to manifest those items, people and situations into your life for your highest good.  This is the year of action and miracles, where we will take a quantum leap in consciousness to live our souls mission!

Why not start your year spiritual year by taking one of the courses below which are being run in Dublin.  See for more info.

15-01-2011 NEW Years Energy Detox Workshop! – Start 2011 with a bang and blow away those energetic cobwebs from the festive season. We will kick-start those chakras to give you a head start in 2011 bringing in clarity, success and abundance. We will cover Soul connections, Chakra upgrades, Past life releases, Integrating wholeness, Soul group urges.

05-02-2011 Sonar Expansion Healing Course – Are you looking for the next step in healing? Do you want to feel empowered? Do you want to develop your spiritual gifts?  Sonar Expansion Healing will bring enhanced intuition, empowered speech, clairaudience, heightened self-awareness, abundance, love and positive action into your life. It will create a ripple effect in every aspect of your life, leaving no stone unturned until you attain self-mastery of all that you are. In this 1 Day certificated workshop you will cover: Raising dimensional awareness, Sonar healing attunement, Higher activations of the throat & ear chakras, How to use sonar healing & expansion on self, How to heal others with a sonar healing & expansion session.

Have a great 2011

Diamond Light – Ryan


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