The New Moon and Vision Boards

Vision boards have become extremely popular in recent years with books like “The Secret” which teach us how we are all empowered individuals whom can create anything we want in life!  They give many fascinating stories of how people have created their hearts/souls desires by beginning with a simple vision board.

We should make vision boards and set our intentions on the dates of a NEW Moon, It is here when the cosmic energies are moving forward and will co-operate with our will.  I recommend if this is your first vision board keep it simple until you get used to the way they work and gain in confidence.

Here is my own unique way of creating a vision board, which I hope will help manifest your hearts/soul’s desires

  1.  Spend some time in meditation on your own & connect in with your heart and soul, do some deep searching to find out what you truly wish to manifest for your HIGHEST good!  Some ideas may be career, sport, business, relationships, friendships, house, material items etc. Write a list of what comes up & find some beautiful images, pictures and words which represent what you wish to manifest.  Cut out these pictures and images ready for your vision board.
  2. Take a large enough piece of paper to fit all of your images on and draw a large circle on it (take up as much of the page as you can).  Then find a picture of yourself (preferably smiling and happy) and stick it in the centre of the sheet.  By having a picture of yourself in the circle you are already taking ownership of the items in which you are asking for.  Now around your image place all of your images, pictures and words ensuring that they are inside the circle.
  3. When you are happy with your vision board, spend a few minutes in meditation and ask the angels/god/your higher self to bring you the items on the vision board in your highest good (ask for each item individually)!  Wait for a YES for each item you ask for!  Then offer gratitude and thanks and KNOW that those items will be delivered!
  4. Place the vision board near your bed and look at them every day, see yourself with these items and know that they are already yours (this speeds up the process).
  5. When you connect in DAILY with these items you may be given insights into some form of action you may need to take to bring these items into your life.  Accept these insights and take the necessary action.
  6. When you manifest an item on your vision board, say a prayer of gratitude and thanks, tick off the item on your sheet.
  7. Once your vision board has been achieved, wait until the next NEW Moon and make a new one!

I hope you manifest your hearts desires! 

Diamond Light – Ryan


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