Bringing back our missing spiritual pieces

Wellington City Night downtown

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Through our life’s journey we have lived in different houses, cities, towns and countries.  In each of these places we have lived our lives, been educated, worked and have been loved by many.  In each residence we have lived, worked or have been educated we have left our own energetic imprint and sometimes pieces of ourselves that we associate with that time in our lives.  These pieces need to be brought back if we are to become whole again.  

For example: I always drive past an old house of mine in which I lived over 10 years ago when I am back visiting the family.  This time I asked myself why do I keep driving down this road and reminiscing?  I pulled over and spent some time outside the house in meditation.  It then all became clear to me, the reason that I always drove back down that road when I was in the vicinity was because when I lived in that house it was a very happy time in my life!  I was remembering the joy, abundance and love of the time.  I also realised that I had left parts of my energetic self there which was why I was feeling so happy when in the area.

In meditation I then asked all of those parts of me to come back which I left in that house, the feeling was incredible, lots of tingling and flinches as parts of returned into my energy field.  I actually shed a small tear whilst this was happening as the feeling took me back a little!

Since I have brought these parts of myself back I have become more abundant, more joyful and I’m starting to have fun again, which is always a bonus!

There are many pieces of self scattered around the globe from this life and even before, so why settle for being incomplete?  Start the journey back to wholeness today!

You could try the simple exercise for yourself if you feel confident enough or with a good healer whom can help you to bring back those parts which you need right now! 

2011 is the year of empowered action, the year of the spiritual warrior. Find that inner warrior within you and push forward on your healing path!

Diamond Light – Ryan


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