The Power of Self Love, Unconditional Love and Divine Love

Exploring the light: hearts

Image by doegox via Flickr

Love is a pretty big subject when you work as a spiritual healer.  It is in essence a very simple action TO LOVE!  But we have made it so darn complicated to understand in the last few thousand years after the fall of Atlantis.  When we became separated from the source we started to question everything and become needy, fearful and full of emotions, power issues and addictions.

This has enabled many billions of souls to incarnate into the Earth, so that they can learn their lessons and have experiences to teach them the lessons of the 3-5 Dimension (Please see previous post on dimensions for explanation of dimensions).

Right now we are journeying upwards to the frequencies of the 5th Dimension and are on our way back to wholeness.  It is here we can start to understand the power of love and how to really open up your heart chakras so that we can become Loving Humans again.

Here are the 3 levels of love associated with colours that best suit the frequency. I recommend that you spend as long as you need working with the colour of each step until you feel that you embody this colour!

Step 1.  Self Love – Green
Work with the green energy to expand your heart chakra.  It is vital that you 100% love yourself, after all if you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you?  Remember that this Green energy of self-love is yours and no-one else’s.  Ensure that you hold it within your heart and do not give it away to others.  It is all too common for people to give their love away to others at this stage, by giving away your love to others it means that there is nothing left that they require from you, so in the end they move away!  By seeing this self-love as green you can keep a watchful eye on it to make sure it stays within your heart.  At this stage old wounds may come up for healing, I recommend seeing a healer, having a distant healing with myself or working with this yourself if you feel confident to release the old energy.

Step 2. Unconditional Love – Pink
Now that you have the green energy secure in your heart and you love yourself, bring in the pink energy of unconditional love.  See this energy surround your green heart!  Envelop yourself in it and let it expand through your being.  You can send this love to all as it is un-conditional!  Send it to the Earth, friends, partners and the whole of humanity if you wish!  Practice living in the energy of love.

Step 3. Divine Love – Crystal White
The last stage is to bring in divine love from the source energy into your heart.  First of all activate your self-love and un-conditional love within your heart.  Now bring in the white energy of divine love through the top of your head and don into your heart, let it pour out into your body and connect you to your divine source.  You are now HOME!

Ensure you fully ground yourself after each connection, these simple steps will create miracles in your life and will push you forward on your souls path!

Diamond Light – Ryan


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