Mudras, Hands & Mantras: Middle finger & Ring Finger

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Here is the second post all about the energy in the fingers!

Middle Finger – The Heavenly Finger, Longest finger towering over the others radiating into infinity. Saturn is associated with this finger.  It is also associated with the throat chakra as the throat is the gateway of purity which only opens when the student is pure of spirit and heart.  There are also 2 meridians associated with this finger (circulatory meridian &Gallbladder meridian).
Exercise one – Encircle right middle finger with the four left fingers and connect with the energy of this finger.Imagine doing what you like the most, see yourself mastering all obstacles and enjoying your activities.  See yourself successful and mentally envision what success looks like.  Know that what you are doing enriches the world around you.   (once you have completed this exercise then every time you connect with the right middle finger you will instantly remember the success you have achieved).
Exercise two – Encircle the left middle finger with the right 4 fingers and connect with the energy of this finger. Imagine healing impulses flowing from this finger to your gall bladder to transmute and heal any blockages until the gall bladder is glowing.  Then send healing impulses around the circulatory meridian around the body until all is clear.
Ring Finger – Associated with the earth and the root chakra. This force gives stamina staying power and assertiveness.  Associated with the deep meridian of the liver (The liver gives a person patience, hope and serenity).  This finger also rules the protective functions in the body and is responsible for body temp, cell function and immune system.
Exercise one – Encircle the left ring finger with the four right fingers and connect with the energy of this finger.  Imagine the bare earth in its raw form. Crushed rocks, scorched earth, sand and dessert – mother nature at its most harsh.  Feel the earthquakes, eruptions and blazing hot sun.  Once you have envisioned this then now imagine a fertile earth where everything now starts to grow in abundance.  Your attention is drawn to a tiny seed deep in the ground – every time you breathe the see moved and gains in energy, then it bursts into life – take your time watching the seed as it growth through the earth and forms a beautiful life form.  See every twist and turn it makes until it is fully grown and beautiful.
Exercise two – Encircle the Right ring finger with the four left fingers and connect with the energy from this finger.  Connect with the deep liver meridian and send healing impulses through this meridian to the liver where all blockages in the liver are transmuted and healed.  Once all is healed then send the energies of patience, serenity and hope into the liver where it will radiate your divine qualities.
Mantra – Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – the mantra of universal peace use it on yourself others and the planet.

Diamond Light – Ryan


3 thoughts on “Mudras, Hands & Mantras: Middle finger & Ring Finger

  1. Hi, I find this page to be very usefull but still new to the fields. I was taught a way to hold crystals with a “ring” that would form around it that i could feel but not see, any idea what its called? I’ve forgoten what it was called.
    Thank you

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