Energies of the Full Moon in Cancer 19th January 2011

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We are already at that special time of the month again.  It is the first Full moon of 2011 which resides in the sign of cancer.  It only seemed 2 minutes ago that the chimes of New Year were being heard, my are we in for another fast energetic year!

Every full moon gives us the chance to explore our subconscious and offer up to the cosmos energies that we need to release which no longer serve us on our spiritual path.  Each Full moon there will be different emotions, themes and patterns which we can release for our highest good and then bring in the higher energies which we truly desire.

For me this week has been about releasing any inner chaos that I still held onto from what I tend to refer to as my more material life.  There has been a strong emotional energy working up to this full moon which has challenged me to stand up and enforce personal boundaries with people and not to bury myself in my emotions (very tough indeed).  I am now standing up tall, expressing my total truth and feeling secure in myself and what I am here to do in this life!

Here are the general themes of this Full Moon in Cancer – This Full Moon in Cancer is very intense as it is 29 degrees Cancer and also the Sun is 29 degrees Capricorn. 29 degrees is considered very important in astrology as it signifies endings.  Here you will be finishing some deep energetic lessons!

It’s a perfect moon to work on feeling secure in yourself and to release any co-dependency issues. 
It’s a great time to look at old emotional patterns and release them to the energy of this moon.

Finally this is a matriarchal moon which also helps us to deal with any mother issues and how we relate to women and the feminine energy in our life.  Its a great time to discover the deep fertility of your feminine side (yes and I mean men also) and start to feel how truly abundant you are in this life.

Have a great full moon and accept nothing less than your highest good!

Diamond Light – Ryan http://www.oriondiamond.com


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