Hands, Mudras & Mantras: Little Finger & Ganesha Mudra

Ganeshotsav in Maharashtra

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This is the third blogpost about Hands, Mudras and Mantras, To view the first two Posts see the Mudras section.

Little Finger – The Sacral centre is associated with the little finger energy.  It deals with interpersonal relationships as well as partnership.  It also contains the ability to communicate and relates to the element of Water.  This finger is also associated with the heart to bring joyful, fulfilling relationships which will warm, nourish and strengthen this organ.  It shows us our mood which is a reflection of our emotions and the sum of present feelings.  Depending upon our current state this can be reflected as a clam lake, strong river, a pond or turbulent seas etc etc.
Exercise 1 – Encircle your left little finger with your four right fingers and connect with the energy of the little finger.  You will now become aware of the element of water and will be shown a watery scene which reflects your current feminine emotional state.  Just be open to see an image, it could take many forms calm ocean, river rapids, a small pond, stagnant puddle etc etc.  Once you have this scene clear in your minds eye – work out what situation in your current life this is connected to.  Now work out how to deal with this issue is it something you need to let go of?  you need to speak to someone? you need to cut the cords? – Once you have worked out what to do, set the intention that it has already happened. and now visualise the water changing into the more positive form of the vision.  Feel the difference in the new energy of the water and enjoy its healing properties for a few minutes.
Exercise 2 – Encircle your right little finger with your left fingers and connect with the energy of the little finger.  Now repeat the previous exercise – here the difference is you will be connecting into your masculine energies instead of the feminine.
Ganesha Mudra – “The Deity whom overcomes all obstacles” 
Hold your left hand in front of your heart palm facing out and fingers curled in.  Then grip the right hand which palm is facing inwards intro a locking position with the left hand.  Whilst gripping at the heart level your are going to breathe deeply in and out six times – when you exhale you will vigorously pull the hands apart creating tension without releasing the grip. This will tense the muscles of the upper arms and chest area.  Whilst inhaling release the tension but keep the hands in a gripped position.  Repeat 6 times.  Once finished put both hands on the sternum and connect with the heart energies affirming to yourself “I am confident and open” for a few minutes.
Now repeat the exercise with the hands in opposite positions right palm facing out and left facing inwards.
This mudra stimulates heart activity, strengthens heart muscles, opens the bronchial tubes and releases any types of tension in this area.  It opens the 4th Chakra and gives us courage, confidence and openness to others.

Diamond Light – Ryan


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