Hands, Mudras and Mantras : Bronchial Tract & Lungs

Here is the 4th Blog post about hands, mudras and mantras – hope you enjoy!

Subject: Bronchial Tract & Lungs Opening Meditation, Bronchial Mudra – This mudra has the same position for both hands. Place the Little finger to the base of the thumb, place the ring finger to the middle of the thumb, place the middle finger to the pad of the thumb and finally extend out the index finger. This mudra may need a little practise a the fingers do not fall naturally into this position. See picture below for help. Once both hands are in the position of the bronchial mudra then close your eyes and relax in meditation, feel the energy from the fingers releasing the tension in the bronchial area of the body. Do this meditation for 5 minutes at a time. It is recommended that people with bronchial constraints practise this mudra a few times a day. As always ensure you are grounded when returning from meditation. Information about respiratory issues: People with respiratory problems often suffer from inner loneliness, isolation, sexual problems ans sadness (grief). These feelings are often played down with humour or these individuals bind themselves to others by taking on others duties and concerns.

To deal with this it is important to admit your negative feelings and take a good look at them, do not judge them accept them and work out what you need to do to release them and what lessons have been learned. Be aware that these feelings are like waves on the ocean, they arise and then they pass on. The reasons for such feelings is a weakness that is caused by shallow breathing since improper respiration does not build up a reservoir of strength. When it is reduced weakness occurs not only at the physical level but also in the mental and emotional area.

Herbal help – The Herb Thyme is very good for the bronchial tract and the lungs it can be taken in the form of an herbal tea or with food.

Healing Meditation – Place yourself in meditation and grow your heart energy for a few minutes so connect with your divine guidance. When you are fully relaxed imagine yourself shrinking into your lungs, are you in the left (feminine) lung or right (masculine) lung? Here in your chosen lung you become aware of 5 doors: 1. Past Lives 2. Child self. 3. Womb 4. Ancestral Lineage 5. Recent self Let your heart choose which door you need to go through, once chosen open the door and walk through. Here you find a stair case which you walk down – you are walking down to reclaim a part of your respiratory system that has been lost. When you reach the bottom of the stairs you will start your own journey in one of the above subject areas. Be open to receive what you find at the bottom of the staircase. Here are a few examples of what you may find at the bottom of the stairs : A past life memory or connection which needs to be healed, A feeling from when you were in the womb that has stayed with you, A relative from a bygone era showing you something, a vision from your childhood when you lost something important. There are only a few examples – trust your intuition to show you what is required, the main thing is to bring back a part of yourself that is needed from this meditation! When finished in this meditation – come back up the stairs and out of the door then start to grow back into your original size. Then relax in your body for a few minutes feeling a part of you being integrated into your energy field.

Diamond Light – Ryan



One thought on “Hands, Mudras and Mantras : Bronchial Tract & Lungs

  1. i want to my mother to get healed by this mudra..hope she will be alright.. as she has been suffering Asthma attacks for last 21 years or so

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