Sonar Expansion Healing Therapy

Launched in January 2011 this advanced universal healing technology works with energies not seen on this planet for thousands of years.  It Works with the Platinum Ray frequencies & Sonar light codes of the 8th Dimension to influence the body’s core energies so that it can heal itself!

Sonar Expansion Healing works by sending sonar waves in the form of sacred words through the body to release suppressed issues and energetic blocks helping them to complete.  The sonar wave energy then works to integrate and expand bringing in beauty, abundance, balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, awakening of spiritual gifts, unique voice patterns that identify your soul and accelerate your soul’s mission.

Sonar Expansion Healing will bring enhanced intuition, empowered speech, clairaudience, heightened self-awareness, abundance, love and positive action into your life.  It will create a ripple effect in every aspect of your life, leaving no stone unturned until you attain self-mastery of all that you are.

Recent Client & Student Comments

“I love the Simplicity & depth of Sonar Expansion Healing. The deeper I go into it the simpler everything seems to be, with my deepest gratitude” Julio – Dublin

“I have received many therapies, but none have felt like this.  I felt the energy go through and around me in waves almost making a high-pitched pinging sound.  I felt the blocks just melt away and by the end of the session I was smiling on the inside and out.  I will definitely be taking the course”. Karolina – Dublin

“Sonar Expansion Healing is amazing, Its everyone’s dream . It goes right to the point of unrest within the matrix of being. I have found it quickly takes care of issues & disharmony within us very quickly or occasionally it works away at deeper issues for a longer period of time. One of my clients whom I treated with this had an imbalance in his heart and chest area. On a scale of one to 10 when we began the discomfort rated at 8 now today its a one . I feel some time is needed for issues to lose the familiar surroundings they have nested in for so long. With Sonar healing & expansion it removes the supports that keep our particular issues alive, which miraculously  transform.”  Patricia – Navan

“I found the Sonar Expansion Healing course to be one of the best I have done so far. Set in a relaxed, sharing environment the class was able to slowly but surely tease out, what the sonar healing would mean for us as individuals first before working on each other. The sonar energy is very powerful, yet I left the class feeling very confident about using it and I was excited to be able to use it both on myself for personal development and on others as a treatment.” Katie – Dublin

“As an experienced Reiki Master/Intuitive of several years, I was curious to know whether or not Sonar Expansion Healing would be anything different and went into this with an open mind.  The experience overall was overwhelming beautiful, the energies are soft & gentle, similar to that of Reiki but the way that the energies were sent & received felt completely different, I can only describe it as waves, quite literally, coming around my being & into my aura… and the word ‘Sonar’ truly does describe the type of energy received perfectly! I also had the experience of sensing the energies long after the treatment had taken place, it certainly does have an expansive feel to it and is something I would most certainly recommend.” Carol – Manchester

There are 2 ways to experience Sonar Expansion Healing

  1. Receive a Sonar Expansion Healing session either in person if you are based in Dublin or by a distant session.  Both can be booked from this site, please see distant healing section or in person healings section.
  2. Take the course, which is a one day certificated course where you will learn how to practice on self and become a therapist for others – for latest dates in Ireland & UK please see website below for dates and booking details.

You can also become a Teacher of Sonar Expansion Healing – Please contact Ryan directly to find out more!

Diamond Light – Ryan x


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