NEW Moon in Aquarius 02 Feb 2011

So in this energy packed first week of February 2011 we arrive at the New Moon which happens to be in the sign of Aquarius.  It also happens that the Sun is to in the Sign of Aquarius.

A time of balance, greeting and acceptance can happen now between our masculine and feminine energies.  The Masculine is represented by the Sun (gold) and the Feminine Represented by the Moon (Silver).  For too long our own masculine and feminine energies have been separated and isolated from each other due to our fears, emotions, thoughts and spiritual lessons that we needed to learn.

This New moon in Aquarius gives us the perfect opportunity to let these energies meet and start to blend together.  It is also perfect that the sign is currently in Aquarius, which is the age which we are moving into fully.  The Age of freedom, acceptance, abundance, transmutation and alchemy.

My Advice to you all is to work today and tomorrow in meditation and ask to be shown your masculine and feminine energies in visual form – look at these two aspects of yourself and visualise how they appear to you – ask the questions to them, what do they need from you?  How can they be nurtured? How can they be empowered?

Once you have been given this advice accept this as the truth.  Then formally introduce both of these energies to each other in your meditation.  See what happens!  Tell them that the time is NOW to work together for the good of all!

See how the meeting goes and continue working with both your masculine and feminine energies.  They will both be in different energetic conditions.  Both will have different energetic needs!  Send them both some healing using the gold and silver coloured energies and watch them grow in strength and love.

I AM available for Masculine and Feminine distant healings – see my site  for more info!

Enjoy this energy and bring balance into your life!

Diamond Light – Ryan


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