Valentine’s Day & Divine Love

It’s that time of year when the material world brings us to think and feel about our current position on Love, be that within ourselves or within our current relationships.

It is the time of year when St Valentines energy can be felt across the globe and we can work towards that sacred union that our soul truly yearns for. I feel that the power of our inner masculine and feminine energies at this time of year are aroused and vibrant. They are showing us what needs to be released so that we can truly become one with our soul essence once more.

Great leaps in our relationships can be made at this time of year – So ask yourself “what am I being shown around me in my relationships? What needs releasing so that I can truly love again”?

Divine Love Healing Broadcast

This healing broadcast works with the energy of divine love! In this healing I will work with the higher energies of love to heal and remove old energies from your auric body. Working also to unlock your next relationship issues and to connect you with your soul so that soul mates can be petitioned and requested for your highest good! For some of you this may even be in the form of your twin flame, the other half of your divine blueprint where bliss and ecstasy will be fund!

Cost 11€ (Approx £10) – To book this healing please follow the below link. When your booking has been received you will automatically receive your healing during your sleep on the evening of the 14th February.

Diamond Light – Ryan


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