The Healing power of the 7 rays of creation

The Antennae: A pair of colliding galaxies abo...

Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

The 7 rays of creation have been a major part in my life since my spiritual acceleration kicked in 3 years ago.  I have found them to be transforming teachers in their own right.  They have helped me to understand the powers involved in creation and how we harness the power of creation within ourselves.  Initially these rays formed everything upon the planet and eventually us!

By acknowledging these 7 divine energies and releasing the old we can become master builders of our own lives and create an Earth of pure abundance, joy and miracles.  I hope you enjoy the information below about the 7 rays.

1st Ray Blue Ray of Power – Attunes and upgrades the Throat Chakra Bringing the qualities of Divine Power and will to remove blockages and enable yourself to speak your own truth.  releasing old insecurities and suppression.
2nd Ray Yellow Ray of Wisdom – Attunes and upgrades the Crown Chakra Bringing forward the qualities of Illumination and understanding wisdom, this ray helps to remove illusion from your life and wake up to your Soul connection.
3rd Ray Pink Ray of Divine Love -Attunes and upgrades the Heart Chakra. Bringing forward the qualities of divine love and connection to your own source. A beautiful energy for starting to love yourself for whom you truly are. Releasing heartache, grief and betrayal.
4th Ray White Ray of Purity  – Attunes and upgrades the Root Chakra. Bringing forward the qualities of purity, discipline and excellence. Great for removing addictions of any kind and helping you to understand what grounding truly means!
5th Ray Emerald Green Ray Truth – Attunes and upgrades the 3rd Eye Chakra . Bringing in the qualities of Vision, Prosperity, Healing and Pure Thought . helps to remove illusion and distrust issues from the 3rd eye.
6th Ray – Ruby Ray of Peace – Attunes and upgrades the Solar Plexus Chakra. Bringing the energy of peace to your solar plexus. Great for dissolving power struggles in your relationships currently and bringing back your power which you have consciously or subconsciously given away to people.
7th Ray – Violet Ray of Freedom – Attunes and upgrades the Sacral Chakra Bringing the energy of Transmutation, Alchemy, Justice. A beautiful energy that makes you aware of emotional cords of co-dependency so that you can gently release them for your emotional freedom.

“I have recorded a 15 minute audio download that can be purchased.  This audio download works to raise the vibration of your chakras and your awareness so that you can start living a Joyous, empowered life where you are free to create your own destiny and achieve your Soul’s desires.  Each of these powerful rays of creation works with a different chakra to support you in releasing your junctures/blockages so that you can raise its vibration.  Each ray is accompanied by an Ascended Master whom can be your guide through the lessons and healings that each ray will teach you”

To Order this Audio Download Please Click Here…  Cost 11€ (Approx £10)


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