Spring Equinox March 20 2011

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Image by Keith Marshall via Flickr

This Spring Equinox is another heavy hitting power punch of an Energy day for the Planet and humanity, Increased by still being in the energy of the Super Full Moon in Virgo.

The Spring Equinox represents external growth after a long cold period of inner growth.  Our forefathers and mothers celebrated this sacred day and understood the deep wisdom and action that comes from ritual.  A time to set your prayers for what you wish to harvest in the coming months?

 It’s time now to remove out winter coats and start to plant our energetic seeds for 2011.  A great day to reflect upon your new years resolutions, what did you achieve?  what did you not need to achieve?  After reflecting make a new Spring Equinox Resolution that is geared towards your Empowerment and personal growth!

We see all around the world the winds of change through the power of sound and voice!  Look at the changes in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and other such countries that are starting to speak their truth – No longer will they suffer being controlled and dominated!  It is time to release all suppression so that you can become an empowered beacon of light!

I ask you to look at your life now – Do you feel controlled by others?  Do you have to keep quiet and hide your truth in certain situations? Whom have you given your power away too?  Most of us will find areas of ourselves that have been dis-empowered in some way, we need to realise what this is and release the suppression!

You are a being of infinite power that can do and create anything that you wish, you have just forgotten how to do so.  Taking back your power and becoming empowered is a vital step in becoming the creator of your life!  We all have this power to change our lives!

What 1 thing can you change in your life to become more empowered today?

I feel that 2011 is all about transformation and empowerment, we will see and feel many amazing things this year.  But that change has to start with ourselves.  When we change ourselves then we change the world!  We just need to open our hearts and listen to those heart-felt messages of how we can change through love!

Diamond Light – Ryan

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Super Moon – Full Moon in Virgo 18 & 19 March 2011

Super Harvest Moon 9/22/2010

Image by born_to_me via Flickr

This week certainly is an action packed energy week for us all.  Starting with the St Patrick’s day Celebrations on Thursday we are whisked into a Full on seismic shift on Friday for the SUPER MOON – Full Moon in Virgo.

I have felt this energy building all week and it’s been very hard to ignore some of the energies that are moving through the Earth and ourselves right now.  I have taken. to drinking more water than usual, Lots of sleep and Hot sweaty Bikram Yoga to purge my physical system.

This trinity of saving graces has helped me through what I feel has been the Largest Energy week of the year so far (and we still have 2 more days to go arrrgggg).  I recommend that all of you at least drink plenty of clean filtered water to help you through these ascension stages!  Better still get outdoors and make yourself sweat to help your physical system move the toxins out of your body!

With the energy of this full Moon which is in the Earth Sign Of Virgo – I have been forced into my own cave of seclusion,  Friends not answering calls or texts, work not moving forward and a whole host of emotional baggage swimming around in my head to be removed.  I feel also a lot of old heartaches are being removed by the Earth Element.

If you are relating to some of the above symptoms, I ask you now to offer them up to this full moon for release “LET GO LET GO LET GO”.  Remember anything that comes up that feels negative is coming up for releasing one way or another.

Some of your friendships may be ending, your careers may be changing, your feet may feel that they have been ripped from under you!  This is all part of the divine plan so that you can start to live your TRUE lives and become joyous souls again.

So celebrate the fact that you are alive on this super moon LET GO TO ALL THAT BINDS YOU and welcome in FREEDOM – Which will reign supreme in Your true LIVES.

Diamond Light- Ryan

Master Hilarions Message for Japan Tsunami

March 13-20, 2011


Beloved Ones,

We ask that you continue your invocations on behalf of the people of Japan on a daily basis as we do require your requests each day to continue in a more tangible way. This we are doing as you call upon us and much is being done to give assistance on the etheric levels. Many are being found that would not have been otherwise.

The World continues to move into the New Earth Reality with each wave of energy that moves upon the surface. Your news media has now been publicizing the fact that each earthquake and tsunami that has occurred recently has been shifting the Earth’s axis by degrees. The World is being nudged slowly and as carefully as possible into her new position in the Heavens in alignment with Galactic center. This is an incredible feat that is unfolding before your very eyes.

Hold fast to your intentions and beliefs in the emergence of a better World and a better way, for as you do this, Dear Ones, it is created and manifested. If you find yourselves reeling from the changes taking place all around you, go within and reconnect with your Higher Self. You are all being guided and are in the correct places for you to be in these most crucial times. Know that you are always guided and protected in all your activities, even those that take you away from your home. You never walk alone.

Beloved Ones, as we have told you before, there will be many changes taking place in this year and in 2012. You will be amazed when you look back at 2011 at the sheer magnitude of the happenings that have occurred and the changes in attitudes and perspectives that have taken place in the people of the Earth. Gone will be the old stubborn, opinionated ways of the human ego and in its place will be the sweet Spirit of Oneness, willingness and cooperation, putting the highest good of all as the number one priority.

Come into your power now, Beloveds, and command the Forces of Light to do their magic upon your Planet. We stand at the ready to restore and renew everything upon and within your Planet. Mother Earth is shifting, changing and birthing anew, like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, to lift into the higher dimensions that are in closer alignment with the Ascended realms of Light and Love, and, in symbiotic empathy, so too will Humanity rise right along with Her.

As the outpouring of Love to the people of Japan and all other areas continues, it changes the entire atmosphere around you and as a consequence, ALL is lifted up…this is the positive outcome from the personal and national tragedies that now befall the people of Earth. Send energies of Light, of Love, of Healing and Blessing, even as your Souls cry tears of empathy for your brothers and sisters who are caught in the most mighty changes that Humanity has ever experienced while still embodied upon the Planet.

This is a time that can only be experienced deeply…there will come a time when the records of this incredible period will be brought forth accurately and will be made available to every Being in our Universe and beyond, giving honor to the courage and tenacity of the people of Earth, who rode the waves of Cosmic change in such majesty and victory and endurance. We praise the Human Spirit within which lives the glory and majesty of the Creator of all that is.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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