Super Moon – Full Moon in Virgo 18 & 19 March 2011

Super Harvest Moon 9/22/2010

Image by born_to_me via Flickr

This week certainly is an action packed energy week for us all.  Starting with the St Patrick’s day Celebrations on Thursday we are whisked into a Full on seismic shift on Friday for the SUPER MOON – Full Moon in Virgo.

I have felt this energy building all week and it’s been very hard to ignore some of the energies that are moving through the Earth and ourselves right now.  I have taken. to drinking more water than usual, Lots of sleep and Hot sweaty Bikram Yoga to purge my physical system.

This trinity of saving graces has helped me through what I feel has been the Largest Energy week of the year so far (and we still have 2 more days to go arrrgggg).  I recommend that all of you at least drink plenty of clean filtered water to help you through these ascension stages!  Better still get outdoors and make yourself sweat to help your physical system move the toxins out of your body!

With the energy of this full Moon which is in the Earth Sign Of Virgo – I have been forced into my own cave of seclusion,  Friends not answering calls or texts, work not moving forward and a whole host of emotional baggage swimming around in my head to be removed.  I feel also a lot of old heartaches are being removed by the Earth Element.

If you are relating to some of the above symptoms, I ask you now to offer them up to this full moon for release “LET GO LET GO LET GO”.  Remember anything that comes up that feels negative is coming up for releasing one way or another.

Some of your friendships may be ending, your careers may be changing, your feet may feel that they have been ripped from under you!  This is all part of the divine plan so that you can start to live your TRUE lives and become joyous souls again.

So celebrate the fact that you are alive on this super moon LET GO TO ALL THAT BINDS YOU and welcome in FREEDOM – Which will reign supreme in Your true LIVES.

Diamond Light- Ryan


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