Spring Equinox March 20 2011

Avebury Stones HDR 4118

Image by Keith Marshall via Flickr

This Spring Equinox is another heavy hitting power punch of an Energy day for the Planet and humanity, Increased by still being in the energy of the Super Full Moon in Virgo.

The Spring Equinox represents external growth after a long cold period of inner growth.  Our forefathers and mothers celebrated this sacred day and understood the deep wisdom and action that comes from ritual.  A time to set your prayers for what you wish to harvest in the coming months?

 It’s time now to remove out winter coats and start to plant our energetic seeds for 2011.  A great day to reflect upon your new years resolutions, what did you achieve?  what did you not need to achieve?  After reflecting make a new Spring Equinox Resolution that is geared towards your Empowerment and personal growth!

We see all around the world the winds of change through the power of sound and voice!  Look at the changes in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and other such countries that are starting to speak their truth – No longer will they suffer being controlled and dominated!  It is time to release all suppression so that you can become an empowered beacon of light!

I ask you to look at your life now – Do you feel controlled by others?  Do you have to keep quiet and hide your truth in certain situations? Whom have you given your power away too?  Most of us will find areas of ourselves that have been dis-empowered in some way, we need to realise what this is and release the suppression!

You are a being of infinite power that can do and create anything that you wish, you have just forgotten how to do so.  Taking back your power and becoming empowered is a vital step in becoming the creator of your life!  We all have this power to change our lives!

What 1 thing can you change in your life to become more empowered today?

I feel that 2011 is all about transformation and empowerment, we will see and feel many amazing things this year.  But that change has to start with ourselves.  When we change ourselves then we change the world!  We just need to open our hearts and listen to those heart-felt messages of how we can change through love!

Diamond Light – Ryan

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