Re-Uniting & Healing Our Inner Child

We often overlook the energy of our inner child, that playful innocent aspect of our self that requires much healing for us to again be in the energy of oneness.  It is an integral part of ourself which brings the magic back into our life when we nurture and understand the lessons it teaches us.

I Feel our child self comes in 7 parts which are associated with Our 7 main Chakras.  These chakras started to activate from our birth one by one up until the age of around 21, starting with our Root chakra working upwards to our Crown chakra.
Every time each chakra opened we were all surrounded by different situations and experiences which formed the building block which each chakra was built upon.  Some of these were positive and some were negative, all of which were experiences which our soul needed to experience to enable growth!
As we were so young an innocent we could not deal with some of the negative experiences at that moment, so we stored them within our energy field until we were strong enough to experience them.  Now is that time!  A time when we can summon up the energy of Love to release our childhood lessons and experiences.  Imagine these 7 Innocent playful forces being fully integrated within yourself and the sustained Joy it brings with it!

What I am offering here is a unique opportunity to work through all 7 chakras one by one in individual healing sessions to re-integrate the child self aspect into each chakra.
Each separate Child Self Healing will be supported by emails, exercises and audio clips alongside email support for any questions or help you need! These trans formative healings will be an investment in yourself and will reap endless dividends!
Inner Child Healing 1 – The Root Chakra Age 0-18 months  Core Identity & Parental Influence
Inner Child Healing 2 – The Sacral Chakra 2-3 yrs Forming Relationships & Play
Inner Child Healing 3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra 4-6 yrs Will Power, Gain and Loss
Inner Child Healing 4 – The Heart Chakra 7-9 yrs Self Distinction, Love both conditional & Un-conditional
Inner Child Healing 5 – The Throat Chakra 10-13 yrs Self Expression & Communication
Inner Child Healing 6 – The 3rd Eye Chakra 14-17 yrs Decisions & Discernment
Inner Child Healing 7 – The Crown Chakra 18-21 yrs (If it is activated at all) Spiritual Essence
Payment Plan – Each Healing costs 22€ (approx £20) 
The 1st  payment which is due is 44€ (Approx £40) Which will cover the first 2 healings.
The 2nd payment which is due after completion of the second healing is 66€ (Approx £60) Which will cover healings 3-5
The 3rd payment which is due after completion of the 5th healing is 44€ (approx £40) Which will cover healings 6-7
Click here to make your first payment …


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