Original Separation of our Inner Child

Our inner child is the shining brilliance of creation itself, a supreme love that we are trying once more to remember from our original blueprint. It is only when our inner child is truly re-united we can master manifestation, divine love and feeling our pure connected nature.

Over the past numerous millennia we have been working out what our inner child means to us, releasing wounds one by one and learning lessons that bring us closer and closer to this original wound of separation.  Every time we heal another aspect of this core lesson we move into a higher level of awareness, with each level of awareness bringing different teachings and experiences.  So as a mass consciousness upon Earth, layer by layer we have been working to get to the core of this wound in order for us all to become re-connected once more.

The core of this wound is our Original Separation from the Eternal Mother and Father energies of love.  This Parental energy I write about is the Universal love from the highest realms of love and light, the energy of connectedness and belonging to a greater force which from the centre of our being we yearn for.

We have been working towards this re-connection to our eternal parents since the time of original separation. Re-learning what it is to be loved and experiencing all of the complexities that our ego and fear has placed in the way of it.  As souls we have had thousands of lifetimes working towards this goal having incredible experiences of both polarities of both Mother and Father Parental energies and archetypes.  We have learned much and are now ready to start the releasing process of this core wound.  The splendid energies of 2012 offer this wound up for release so that our inner child can fully connect to the Eternal Mother and Father which we are a part of.  Indeed for us to ascend we must release these core wounds from our being.

When touched this wound hurts!  It resides around the heart area and is deep in its nature as it is ancient and profound.  It can take some time to work through as all core wounds do but rest assured once your Inner Child is re-united with the Eternal Parents you will never look back in pain again.

All of your inner child work will be tested to see what you have learned so far!  Here are some of the feelings which may arise when this wound starts to release.  This list is not exhaustive as we are all on a unique path and our experiences will vary according to our Soul’s needs.

Sadness and longing from being disconnected from our eternal parents.  Grief in the form of ancient tears that weeping in order to clear the energy.  loneliness which has been with you all of your existence will rise to show you the real reason for you being alone.  Your manifestations feel empty like there is something missing and you can’t get joy from them.  The rise of anger directed at your parents as you feel unloved.  This may come up for clearing as temper tantrums and petulance and a lack of support in your waking lives.  Finally, the fear of being re-united with your eternal parents, as you have forgotten what the real energy of love is.

The healing of this wound is carried out by the force of divine love and will be vibrated back into being.  Firmly residing in your heart so that once more you can love the world in which you live with your whole heart and become that joyful creator that you always have been.

If you feel you are ready to work through this wound I offer distant healings on the website below. Or in person in Manchester UK.

©Ryan Greenwood 2012 – Permission is given to share this message as long as it is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed or altered in any way.  And authors copyright, credit and website is included.
www.oriondiamond.com      www.sonarexpansionhealing.com  Many thanks.


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