Ascension Symptoms

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As 2012 continues to increase in energy and intensity our bodies are continuing what seems like a never-ending purging of all that no longer serves us in our current lives and bodies.

We are breathing in more light energies every day which means that the lower vibrational parts of ourself have no room left for manuever inside our bodies and are forced out.  This forcing out of old energies is happening in slightly different ways for us all.  This new light is creating our new energy bodies which work together and are many levels to them of complex light energy.

Here are is a list of some of the symptoms, this is not exhaustive – Skin eruptions, random shooting pains and twinges that come as quick as they go, aches and pains in any part of the body that is releasing, shivering cold or burning hot as the body detoxifies, feeling dizzy, not wanting to be in public, needing plenty of rest, random and wild dreams, waking up at unusual times of the night, wanting to be alone or feeling very alone, emotional outbursts like crying, rage, petrification, depression, starting to see sparks of energy or energy orbs at random times, feeling a buzzing in the ear or occasionally hearing chatter that is no where around you.

These symptoms will pass once the necessary changes have been made within the body so that you can operate at the level of the 5th Dimension and above.  It’s kind of like we are an old P.C. that is being swapped and upgraded for the latest Mac Book.   Every single part of our wiring is being upgraded.

This is not just happening to those whom are actively on the spiritual path.  It is happening inside everyone it’s just that a lot of people who have as of yet not awakened are just putting it down to causes that they can understand and that their head can comprehend.  But soon they will start waking up to their path too.

Easing Ascension Symptoms –  I find it best to go down the natural route to help ease these symptoms.  Take plenty of walks in nature or by the beach, eat clean organic food, drink clear water (preferably an alkaline water like biocera), do a form of exercise that makes you feel good, eat organic food and plenty of veg, try to reduce wheat and stimulants like caffeine and refined sugar from the diet as these all exaggerate the symptoms.  Most of all be as positive and happy as you can, even if you’re having a wobble day! Find something that makes you happy and concentrate on it.

Remember things are manifesting much quicker than ever before and you need to focus on the positive to ensure that you receive everything that you wish for.  As 2012 continues all of the Full Moons, New Moons, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Flares are bombarding our planet with new energies and frequencies to help our ascension process.  But the end result is assured we will come out of it shining!



Healing Generational Wounds

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All through my life I have noticed the difference in energy between the Generations of our families, friends and colleagues. It has more often than not bamboozled myself on how different their beliefs and values are.  It has been a journey over many years trying to understand the anger, fear and betrayal felt by members of the same family between the ages.


The pensioners always judging the kids for being hoodlums without discipline and respect, the youngsters always feeling judged by those adults and never feeling listened to and the difference in material, emotional and mental beliefs about whom is right and wrong in every situation.  The list is plentiful of who has the one upman ship in a constant battle of trying to gain the higher ground from their own perspective.


But no one really wins whilst we are in this constant tug of war!  it’s a colossal tug of war through the ages that can never be one by one side.  Each side has relevant arguments that need to be honoured but the only way to bring a conclusion to this is to forgive this ancient battle!


I always feel that world peace will arrive when we find peace with ourselves.  But in order to fully achieve this we must find peace with those in our immediate surroundings by healing the barriers that have been placed in front of us.


On my recent journey home from running a workshop in Blackpool I experienced a generational miracle which I would love to share.  ” A young man was sitting on a seat on the train with his bag beside him, when a gentleman of about 70 years of age sat on the seat opposite him.  The older gentleman pointed at the young mans bag and gestured for him to put the bag up above and tutted shaking his head whilst he did so.  The young man quite politely said, if anyone wants to sit down I will move my bag for them.  The old man then tutted and started giving abuse with words like ‘you youngsters have no respect etc etc’.  The young man reacted and said mind your own business and move your own bag out-of-the-way before you start kicking off at me.


At this point I though of God I’m going to have to step in here as it’s all kicking off.  I took a few moments to send love to them both and when I opened my eyes something miraculous happened and I missed what it was as I was tuning into send the love.  They both were chatting like best friends and laughing with each other.  In fact their conversation did not stop for the whole of the journey and they shook hands when they departed.  It was a gobsmacking event that just felt incredible to me.  That somehow they had gotten over there differences and had made peace between their two generations.

I’m sure they both went away with a new perspective on each others age range and that cooperation is always possible.  So what forgiveness needs to happen with yourself and with other generations, this is your next step on the path to peace and freedom?  Who can you forgive today?


Melding of our Energy Bodies

As someone who through most of my life has, let’s say, been emotionally detached from my emotional energy body, it is such a strange but good feeling to have this energy body activating once more.  I am feeling lots of emotion and, yes, I have actually been crying (never thought I would say that one).  As more of my emotional baggage is purged I am feeling a greater sense of being alive and connected to all around me and I LOVE IT!

My Mental Body is coming online also (which was a strong beast, let me tell you).  I feel that it has calmed down somewhat and is now more in line with the infinite wisdom which is available to us all.  Also I can feel the spiritual fires of the Spiritual Energy Body accelerate their clearings of all of the other lower energy bodies too, which also feels incredible.

I feel all of us are being melded into a pure being, which is happening in such a personal way as we all have different complexities of our energy bodies.  Some of us have strong physical bodies and weak emotional bodies, others have strong mental bodies and weak physical bodies etc etc.

But thank goodness, we are all melding back into oneness into the blended light beings that we really are!  This may be giving us a whole host of emotional outbreaks, physical surging pains, headaches etc etc…  But keep on going, people, as we are on the road to full awareness just moving into the fast lane.

So now is the time to get out there and support this blending process – some of you will do physical work, some will do emotional work and others mental/spiritual.  Just check in with your Soul right now and ask what you need to do for your highest good??

Well of Dreams Distant Healing – Sunday 22nd April 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Well of Dreams Chakra is located around the occipital area in the rear of the skull towards the neck.  It is a newly awakening chakra that holds all of our dreams and information from our differing realities in which we co exist.  It is also the chakra where we have, in the past, let others control and some of these remnants of control still remain today.  So, during this healing I will work to remove all aspects of external control which remain and heal the energy lines which co-exist between yourself and differing realities.

24 hours after the healing is complete I will email you a short written meditation so that you can form some loving protection around the Well of Dreams so that you alone are the Master of this special centre.  Cost: £33.

To request this Distant Healing, please sign up here.

Diamond Light. Ryan

Earth Empowering at Arbor Low Stone Circle

ImageOn Good Friday I was on a spiritual journey to visit Arbor Lowe Stone Circle for the Second Time to do some healing, empowering and anchoring of the energies.  It was a pleasure to be there to soak up the new energies that are available to us over the Easter Period. To me this site ranks alongside that of the big gins like Glastonbury and Stonehenge.  It’s a place where magic has happened over thousands of years and a place where magic will occur again in the new age.

Arbor Low – Is considered one of the most powerful energy hot spots in the U.K.  Ranking along side the likes of Ave-bury and Stonehenge.  It has many energy lines running though the circle.

It’s quite a secluded site that you have to access through a working farm with many cattle.As you begin the short ascent from the car park up to the top the healing energies start to work within.  To me it feels like the walk upwards is like a de-clothing of the untrue selves, kind of like walking upwards through the vales and curtains of our own illusion.  The element of the wind also helps in this process as you are up in the high peaks of Derbyshire.  Removing layers of clutter and toxicity that our city/Town lives have gathered up.

When approacing the circle a sense of excitement whipped up around myself as if something magic could happen at any moment.  Inside the circle I could feel the heavyness of my head (which usually indicates for myself a deep re-wiring ha).  You can feel the many energy lines below your feet working with you to bring about energetic change in your life and start to reconnect you with your true path.

Even for the spiritual newcommer whom is not adept at the way of feeling or seeing just your presence within this sotne circle will work magic on a level that is correct for you at that time.

I worked with my light being guides and helpers to complete the Earth Healing that I was sent their to do, which this time did not take long at all.  I feel this time It was just my physical presence that was needed to anchor in the new energies.

As we were leaving the site I did see many 100’s of spirits on top of the hill starting to celebrate!  A huge party indeed.  So looks like head office (spirit) are happy that something good is happening.

As you have read this short post you No doubt will have expereinced a little of the Arbor Low Magic, try connecting in with the image and see what you feel…

Diamond Light. Ryan

Energy Forecast Easter & Full Moon 2012

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Korona średzka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings Ascending (Battered) Souls

Easter brings us closer to the energies of the Christed ones, the beings that have mastered their physical incarnations in their own right.  To name a few of these magnificent beings of light Melchizedek, Jesus, Sai Baba, Budda… Woahh!  Just writing their names brings in the energy (thanks for coming in guys haha).

Easter in this year of 2012 offers us infinite potential for expansion and dare I say it Greatness…  It is combines with a Full Moon and a huge array of Planetary alignments that are creating huge pressures on our energy fields and are releasing our deepest fears and unresolved issues.  I am feeling this pressure today and boy or boy is it intense I feel like crying and laughing at the same time haha!   So take a minute to ask yourself how are you feeling?   What do you need to deal with and release?   Whom is in your life and what reflections are they offering to you?  The opportunities of release are huge, so I implore you please take some time to reflect and use this portal wisely so that more light can be garnered within your physical system!

Also bear in mind we are still in A mars Retrograde until the 14/15th April which is all about reflecting upon the action that we take in our life’s.  So if you are thinking of making bold business or physical moves, take another week or so to reflect on the truth that they hold.  Once fully reflected upon then feel free to press the go button on the 15th April.

This Easter I will be taking it very easy on myself and letting all of this ancient lessons (garbage loll) GO!  Crikey I cant wait for my full light to be in my body once more…  It’s been way too Long! haha

Have a great Easter week – Diamond Light  Ryan