Earth Empowering at Arbor Low Stone Circle

ImageOn Good Friday I was on a spiritual journey to visit Arbor Lowe Stone Circle for the Second Time to do some healing, empowering and anchoring of the energies.  It was a pleasure to be there to soak up the new energies that are available to us over the Easter Period. To me this site ranks alongside that of the big gins like Glastonbury and Stonehenge.  It’s a place where magic has happened over thousands of years and a place where magic will occur again in the new age.

Arbor Low – Is considered one of the most powerful energy hot spots in the U.K.  Ranking along side the likes of Ave-bury and Stonehenge.  It has many energy lines running though the circle.

It’s quite a secluded site that you have to access through a working farm with many cattle.As you begin the short ascent from the car park up to the top the healing energies start to work within.  To me it feels like the walk upwards is like a de-clothing of the untrue selves, kind of like walking upwards through the vales and curtains of our own illusion.  The element of the wind also helps in this process as you are up in the high peaks of Derbyshire.  Removing layers of clutter and toxicity that our city/Town lives have gathered up.

When approacing the circle a sense of excitement whipped up around myself as if something magic could happen at any moment.  Inside the circle I could feel the heavyness of my head (which usually indicates for myself a deep re-wiring ha).  You can feel the many energy lines below your feet working with you to bring about energetic change in your life and start to reconnect you with your true path.

Even for the spiritual newcommer whom is not adept at the way of feeling or seeing just your presence within this sotne circle will work magic on a level that is correct for you at that time.

I worked with my light being guides and helpers to complete the Earth Healing that I was sent their to do, which this time did not take long at all.  I feel this time It was just my physical presence that was needed to anchor in the new energies.

As we were leaving the site I did see many 100’s of spirits on top of the hill starting to celebrate!  A huge party indeed.  So looks like head office (spirit) are happy that something good is happening.

As you have read this short post you No doubt will have expereinced a little of the Arbor Low Magic, try connecting in with the image and see what you feel…

Diamond Light. Ryan


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