Melding of our Energy Bodies

As someone who through most of my life has, let’s say, been emotionally detached from my emotional energy body, it is such a strange but good feeling to have this energy body activating once more.  I am feeling lots of emotion and, yes, I have actually been crying (never thought I would say that one).  As more of my emotional baggage is purged I am feeling a greater sense of being alive and connected to all around me and I LOVE IT!

My Mental Body is coming online also (which was a strong beast, let me tell you).  I feel that it has calmed down somewhat and is now more in line with the infinite wisdom which is available to us all.  Also I can feel the spiritual fires of the Spiritual Energy Body accelerate their clearings of all of the other lower energy bodies too, which also feels incredible.

I feel all of us are being melded into a pure being, which is happening in such a personal way as we all have different complexities of our energy bodies.  Some of us have strong physical bodies and weak emotional bodies, others have strong mental bodies and weak physical bodies etc etc.

But thank goodness, we are all melding back into oneness into the blended light beings that we really are!  This may be giving us a whole host of emotional outbreaks, physical surging pains, headaches etc etc…  But keep on going, people, as we are on the road to full awareness just moving into the fast lane.

So now is the time to get out there and support this blending process – some of you will do physical work, some will do emotional work and others mental/spiritual.  Just check in with your Soul right now and ask what you need to do for your highest good??

Well of Dreams Distant Healing – Sunday 22nd April 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Well of Dreams Chakra is located around the occipital area in the rear of the skull towards the neck.  It is a newly awakening chakra that holds all of our dreams and information from our differing realities in which we co exist.  It is also the chakra where we have, in the past, let others control and some of these remnants of control still remain today.  So, during this healing I will work to remove all aspects of external control which remain and heal the energy lines which co-exist between yourself and differing realities.

24 hours after the healing is complete I will email you a short written meditation so that you can form some loving protection around the Well of Dreams so that you alone are the Master of this special centre.  Cost: £33.

To request this Distant Healing, please sign up here.

Diamond Light. Ryan


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