Healing Generational Wounds

Rajasthani women take part in tug of war game ...


All through my life I have noticed the difference in energy between the Generations of our families, friends and colleagues. It has more often than not bamboozled myself on how different their beliefs and values are.  It has been a journey over many years trying to understand the anger, fear and betrayal felt by members of the same family between the ages.


The pensioners always judging the kids for being hoodlums without discipline and respect, the youngsters always feeling judged by those adults and never feeling listened to and the difference in material, emotional and mental beliefs about whom is right and wrong in every situation.  The list is plentiful of who has the one upman ship in a constant battle of trying to gain the higher ground from their own perspective.


But no one really wins whilst we are in this constant tug of war!  it’s a colossal tug of war through the ages that can never be one by one side.  Each side has relevant arguments that need to be honoured but the only way to bring a conclusion to this is to forgive this ancient battle!


I always feel that world peace will arrive when we find peace with ourselves.  But in order to fully achieve this we must find peace with those in our immediate surroundings by healing the barriers that have been placed in front of us.


On my recent journey home from running a workshop in Blackpool I experienced a generational miracle which I would love to share.  ” A young man was sitting on a seat on the train with his bag beside him, when a gentleman of about 70 years of age sat on the seat opposite him.  The older gentleman pointed at the young mans bag and gestured for him to put the bag up above and tutted shaking his head whilst he did so.  The young man quite politely said, if anyone wants to sit down I will move my bag for them.  The old man then tutted and started giving abuse with words like ‘you youngsters have no respect etc etc’.  The young man reacted and said mind your own business and move your own bag out-of-the-way before you start kicking off at me.


At this point I though of God I’m going to have to step in here as it’s all kicking off.  I took a few moments to send love to them both and when I opened my eyes something miraculous happened and I missed what it was as I was tuning into send the love.  They both were chatting like best friends and laughing with each other.  In fact their conversation did not stop for the whole of the journey and they shook hands when they departed.  It was a gobsmacking event that just felt incredible to me.  That somehow they had gotten over there differences and had made peace between their two generations.

I’m sure they both went away with a new perspective on each others age range and that cooperation is always possible.  So what forgiveness needs to happen with yourself and with other generations, this is your next step on the path to peace and freedom?  Who can you forgive today?



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