Ascension Symptoms

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As 2012 continues to increase in energy and intensity our bodies are continuing what seems like a never-ending purging of all that no longer serves us in our current lives and bodies.

We are breathing in more light energies every day which means that the lower vibrational parts of ourself have no room left for manuever inside our bodies and are forced out.  This forcing out of old energies is happening in slightly different ways for us all.  This new light is creating our new energy bodies which work together and are many levels to them of complex light energy.

Here are is a list of some of the symptoms, this is not exhaustive – Skin eruptions, random shooting pains and twinges that come as quick as they go, aches and pains in any part of the body that is releasing, shivering cold or burning hot as the body detoxifies, feeling dizzy, not wanting to be in public, needing plenty of rest, random and wild dreams, waking up at unusual times of the night, wanting to be alone or feeling very alone, emotional outbursts like crying, rage, petrification, depression, starting to see sparks of energy or energy orbs at random times, feeling a buzzing in the ear or occasionally hearing chatter that is no where around you.

These symptoms will pass once the necessary changes have been made within the body so that you can operate at the level of the 5th Dimension and above.  It’s kind of like we are an old P.C. that is being swapped and upgraded for the latest Mac Book.   Every single part of our wiring is being upgraded.

This is not just happening to those whom are actively on the spiritual path.  It is happening inside everyone it’s just that a lot of people who have as of yet not awakened are just putting it down to causes that they can understand and that their head can comprehend.  But soon they will start waking up to their path too.

Easing Ascension Symptoms –  I find it best to go down the natural route to help ease these symptoms.  Take plenty of walks in nature or by the beach, eat clean organic food, drink clear water (preferably an alkaline water like biocera), do a form of exercise that makes you feel good, eat organic food and plenty of veg, try to reduce wheat and stimulants like caffeine and refined sugar from the diet as these all exaggerate the symptoms.  Most of all be as positive and happy as you can, even if you’re having a wobble day! Find something that makes you happy and concentrate on it.

Remember things are manifesting much quicker than ever before and you need to focus on the positive to ensure that you receive everything that you wish for.  As 2012 continues all of the Full Moons, New Moons, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Flares are bombarding our planet with new energies and frequencies to help our ascension process.  But the end result is assured we will come out of it shining!



4 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms

  1. Grace and greetings Ryan and all lovely spiritual beings. My phase in the last 5 days started with a complete and total blackout that lasted for 2 1/2 hours on 5/1/2012 from 8pm to I had been extremely toxic, due to build up of chemical medications. Then I started to experience the alternating almost unbearable heat and chills for the next 3 days even continuing throughout the nights up until today. Then followed by emotional misunderstandings. I laid these to rest by treating myself to the last 5 days of practical solitude. I looked forward to rest and dreaming. Next came the dreams, so beautiful and extraordinarily vividly colorful and realistic and filled with unconditional LOVE to the point of wishing that I could dissolve into these dreams forever and not look back. My days have been referring coindedentally to rainbows for about one week now. Everywhere I look I see them lurking in the corner of my viewing range.They reach out beyond me in waves.Today 5/5/2012 I awake with extreme feelings of heightened consciousness and well-being as well as a strong feeling of anticipation for the supermoon tonight. So it is as you say, for myself, at least. I extend my hand to all, full of unconditional loving energy. Please do not miss the supermoon tonight as it will be a ladder of ascendance and electrical energies that you will not get a chance to catch up on if you miss it!

    With light and love~


    BTW: This is the first time I have ever commented to anyone regarding my ascension. I belong to several spiritual groups, but never felt compelled to comment until today. 5/5/2012.

  2. Please excuse typos as I can’t correct them, I was so anxious to write this that I did not worry about perfection. 🙂

  3. Hi Thanks for your interesting comments, yes we are all feeling it in our own unique way! Keep up the good work. Congrats on your first post!

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