Solar Eclipse 20 May 2012 Energies

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The energies of Megatronic May continue to break up all of the illusions and patterns that we have been working with for many aeons of time.  The old patterns where we have learnt our lessons of duality and where our soul has become wise, loving and powerful.

During these multi faceted experiences we have built many patterns which are now being purged from our systems.  Lots of pockets of old thoughts, beliefs, illusions keep coming up ready for us to clear and once again embody our garment of light.  This is what May 2012 is all about accessing those deep parts of sub conscious so that we can rip up what was by loving ourselves back to light vibration.

This Solar Eclipse is another boost from up on high placing more light coding within our bodies so that we can take the next step on our ascension.  As im writing this I can see your own personal ascension teams preparing these energies for you.  they are all unique and specific to you and your journey, also containing the support necessary for you to take your own Soul’s Service into the NEW age of Aquarius.

This Eclipse also happens when there is an alignment to the Pleiades constellation.  This is the first time this has happened in 26,000 years.  It has been termed “The Great Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment”.  It is a portal of colossal energy where many miraculous things will occur for humankind.

The Pleiades is one of our ancestral home constellations where many of us originally came from in order for us to have the Earth Experience.  So Many of you will feel a deep connection to this star system and also be aware of their presence as they work with you on your ascension path.

So on May 20th at the time of the eclipse utilise this sacred time and do something that will help you to connect and experience these amazing energies.  I will be running a workshop on Pendle Hill (UK) where we will be working with the NEW Pleaidan Energies and experiencing this awesome days energy.


Easing Ascension Symptoms

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As our bodies take on more light, we release the old energies, emotions, thoughts, toxins, programming, beliefs, parasites, virus’s and many other lower energies from our energetic system.  As these old energies are releasing we can feel lots of different symptoms which have been coined with the name “Ascension Symptoms”.

There are so many ascension symptoms which you can read more of on my previous post Ascension Symptoms Post… There are many way we can ease these ascension symptoms.  Here are my top 5 methods which have worked for myself and have helped enormously with the colossal changes my body has been going through.

Being In Nature – Getting out of the negative energies of our towns and cities and going for a walk in nature.  Utilise whatever natural resources are local to you and get out there at least once a day for a 30 minute walk.  Let the ground below you take away or ease the symptoms you are feeling.  Each time you get out in nature your natural connection with the Earth will increase, who knows you may end up being so connected you start tree hugging???

Drinking Pure Energised Water – As our bodies relase more toxins it is essential to flush them out with plenty of water.  Mineral water is good, but the best water is a slightly alkaline water that comes from a filtration system where all harmful pollutants are removed from the water and it holds a slightly alkaline PH.  This alkaline PH will help to rebalance the PH of the body.  Due to our highly acidic diets this is a definite bonus for the body. (Biocera is the filter I am using at present)

Breathing –  It is essential we learn how to breath correctly.  All to often we have short shallow breathing that does not allow the vital life force in the air to fully be distributed around the body.  Try breathing in to the count of three and out to the count of 3 to start with and then vary the count to see which pattern suits your energy system the best.

Re-Mineralise the Body– Ascending takes up huge energy and we must ensure our body has ample amounts of vitamins and minerals. So ensure your diet contains lots of organic if possible fruit and vegetables.  Also try cutting down on wheat and increase your consumption of more nutrient dense grains like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Brown Rice.  Try to cut out Table salt and replace it with Himalayan crystal salt or a good sea salt.

Bathe Often – Taking a bath can release so much from our systems and can replenish and revitalise our aura.  Place in your bath 75-100g of Himalayan Crystal Salt and remember to bless the water.  This salt is full of minerals and nutrients and helps to draw out toxins and other nasties from your bodies.  Bathe for 30 minutes and play soothing music to connect with the soul.  Please ensure you drink plenty of water as the salt draws on moisture in the body which needs to be replenished with clean water.

Diamond Light- Ryan

Birthing A New World


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As many of you Ladies have experienced bringing a new energy into the world requires a lot of patience, emotional/mental/physical and spiritual strength.  When something so pure is being birthed it takes a lot of energy to make it happen!This is exactly what’s happening around us with the energies of the new world.  All of us whom are awakened and sleeping are going through contractions, surging labour pains that are rocking our core!  Yes you men too!

Each time we go through the next level of initiation we take a deep breath, pushing/pulling and eventually letting go of the old energies so that more new energies can flow into our being. You are not alone in this process, we are all going through it in varying degrees.  My advice is to find some good spiritual support where you can off load your worries without fear of judgement.  Take time for you each day to meditate and centre yourself.  Being centred and balanced is sooooo important as these polarity energies are playing out and being released.  You are all cosmically Pregnant (LOL) all at different stages of your birth!  So enjoy the ride as this is the ride of your life and you que’d up for millions of years just to reach this point!  So celebrate our birthing pains(yeah right!) as all will be beautiful and beyond our wildest dreams once the New energy is fully delivered.  We are the new guardians of this energy.

5 Steps to Energetic Contractions
1. Feel the old energy
2. Ask why it is there?
3. What is it teaching you?
4. Ask yourself are you ready to let go of it?
5. Let go of it with love and light and replace it with a positive energy!

Weekly Distant Healing – Pleaidian Chakra Balancing/Expansion with Thymus & Diaphragm Chakra Activation

From Last weeks insights on my journey with the Pleaidians I feel led to conduct this healing.  Firstly you will receive a Pleiadian Chakra balancing and expansion.  This will work on all chakras in the body worksing to remove old patterns and energy systems that are now inhibiting our growth as light beings.  Then the second part of the healing you will receive an activation (to your next level of awareness) with both your thymus chakra and diapragm chakra (the ones above and beow the heart).  These hugely important centres are starting to gain in light and will be much needed for communication and empowerment in our physical lives.  This will also give a welcome bnoost to your immune system.  Sunday 13th May 9-10pm Cost £44

Click here to book this healing…

Super Moon (Full Moon in Scorpio) & 5-5-5 Triple Portal

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So here we go again! It’s a Super Moon/ Full Moon (Scorpio) this Saturday (GMT) & the energy is already building.  Can you feel it?   As with any full moon it’s a time of releasing what no longer serves us and lessons that we have learnt.  Releasing them in order for ourselves to take on more of our light bodies.  On Saturday it is also a triple portal day 5-5-5 (05-05-2012 (2012=5 in numerology)).  Talk about intensity!  I feel this triple portal date is going to give us chance to see through the veil, yes people we are shifting up a gear!  Upon writing that sentence I can see a little girl shouting “ready or not here we come”.  So it’s time to dust of your cosmic boots and get back up there with our soul families and light being Friends.  Now of course what going up a gear means for one person will be totally different for another as we are all at different stages in our souls journey.  But for those of you whom have been working hard, there are many light gifts coming your way.  New connections are now able to be made to those energies which you have mastered in other realities and lives.

You see! When we chose to come back down to Earth to help Mother Earth to ascend some of our beautiful gifts and energies could not come down fully with us into the 3rd Dimension, we had to leave them at certain energy frequencies to be collected once more when we had achieved our goals.  There gifts were all left at different levels ready for us to find once more.  It’s kind of like a treasure hunt of life! So it’s time to start picking up these beautiful gifts one by one and start living your truth here on Earth and integrating your light body on a deeper level.

So before this time is would be great if you could spend some time in reflection and work out what it is you need to release?, what part of your life isn’t truthful to yourself? where is there limitation in your life?
Then offer these up for release.

Triple Portal 5-5-5 – Pleadian 2 Part Light Body Distant Healing

This 2 part Distant Healing on Saturday 05/05/12 and Sunday 06/06/12 both 9-10pm.  The Saturday Night healing we will be working to release all that needs to be removed for your current stage of ascension, this will last for one hour and we will work to remove karmic issues, etheric imprints, old beliefs and Outdated programs on how you view the world.  Then on Sunday I will be working with a Pledian Light team to integrate the new energies that you are ready to receive for your highest good.  I keep hearing the words “out with the old and in with the new” 🙂  Cost £55
To request this Distant Healing, please sign up here.