Super Moon (Full Moon in Scorpio) & 5-5-5 Triple Portal

The moon as seen during the day. The moon can ...

So here we go again! It’s a Super Moon/ Full Moon (Scorpio) this Saturday (GMT) & the energy is already building.  Can you feel it?   As with any full moon it’s a time of releasing what no longer serves us and lessons that we have learnt.  Releasing them in order for ourselves to take on more of our light bodies.  On Saturday it is also a triple portal day 5-5-5 (05-05-2012 (2012=5 in numerology)).  Talk about intensity!  I feel this triple portal date is going to give us chance to see through the veil, yes people we are shifting up a gear!  Upon writing that sentence I can see a little girl shouting “ready or not here we come”.  So it’s time to dust of your cosmic boots and get back up there with our soul families and light being Friends.  Now of course what going up a gear means for one person will be totally different for another as we are all at different stages in our souls journey.  But for those of you whom have been working hard, there are many light gifts coming your way.  New connections are now able to be made to those energies which you have mastered in other realities and lives.

You see! When we chose to come back down to Earth to help Mother Earth to ascend some of our beautiful gifts and energies could not come down fully with us into the 3rd Dimension, we had to leave them at certain energy frequencies to be collected once more when we had achieved our goals.  There gifts were all left at different levels ready for us to find once more.  It’s kind of like a treasure hunt of life! So it’s time to start picking up these beautiful gifts one by one and start living your truth here on Earth and integrating your light body on a deeper level.

So before this time is would be great if you could spend some time in reflection and work out what it is you need to release?, what part of your life isn’t truthful to yourself? where is there limitation in your life?
Then offer these up for release.

Triple Portal 5-5-5 – Pleadian 2 Part Light Body Distant Healing

This 2 part Distant Healing on Saturday 05/05/12 and Sunday 06/06/12 both 9-10pm.  The Saturday Night healing we will be working to release all that needs to be removed for your current stage of ascension, this will last for one hour and we will work to remove karmic issues, etheric imprints, old beliefs and Outdated programs on how you view the world.  Then on Sunday I will be working with a Pledian Light team to integrate the new energies that you are ready to receive for your highest good.  I keep hearing the words “out with the old and in with the new” 🙂  Cost £55
To request this Distant Healing, please sign up here.


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