Birthing A New World


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As many of you Ladies have experienced bringing a new energy into the world requires a lot of patience, emotional/mental/physical and spiritual strength.  When something so pure is being birthed it takes a lot of energy to make it happen!This is exactly what’s happening around us with the energies of the new world.  All of us whom are awakened and sleeping are going through contractions, surging labour pains that are rocking our core!  Yes you men too!

Each time we go through the next level of initiation we take a deep breath, pushing/pulling and eventually letting go of the old energies so that more new energies can flow into our being. You are not alone in this process, we are all going through it in varying degrees.  My advice is to find some good spiritual support where you can off load your worries without fear of judgement.  Take time for you each day to meditate and centre yourself.  Being centred and balanced is sooooo important as these polarity energies are playing out and being released.  You are all cosmically Pregnant (LOL) all at different stages of your birth!  So enjoy the ride as this is the ride of your life and you que’d up for millions of years just to reach this point!  So celebrate our birthing pains(yeah right!) as all will be beautiful and beyond our wildest dreams once the New energy is fully delivered.  We are the new guardians of this energy.

5 Steps to Energetic Contractions
1. Feel the old energy
2. Ask why it is there?
3. What is it teaching you?
4. Ask yourself are you ready to let go of it?
5. Let go of it with love and light and replace it with a positive energy!

Weekly Distant Healing – Pleaidian Chakra Balancing/Expansion with Thymus & Diaphragm Chakra Activation

From Last weeks insights on my journey with the Pleaidians I feel led to conduct this healing.  Firstly you will receive a Pleiadian Chakra balancing and expansion.  This will work on all chakras in the body worksing to remove old patterns and energy systems that are now inhibiting our growth as light beings.  Then the second part of the healing you will receive an activation (to your next level of awareness) with both your thymus chakra and diapragm chakra (the ones above and beow the heart).  These hugely important centres are starting to gain in light and will be much needed for communication and empowerment in our physical lives.  This will also give a welcome bnoost to your immune system.  Sunday 13th May 9-10pm Cost £44

Click here to book this healing…


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