Easing Ascension Symptoms

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As our bodies take on more light, we release the old energies, emotions, thoughts, toxins, programming, beliefs, parasites, virus’s and many other lower energies from our energetic system.  As these old energies are releasing we can feel lots of different symptoms which have been coined with the name “Ascension Symptoms”.

There are so many ascension symptoms which you can read more of on my previous post Ascension Symptoms Post… There are many way we can ease these ascension symptoms.  Here are my top 5 methods which have worked for myself and have helped enormously with the colossal changes my body has been going through.

Being In Nature – Getting out of the negative energies of our towns and cities and going for a walk in nature.  Utilise whatever natural resources are local to you and get out there at least once a day for a 30 minute walk.  Let the ground below you take away or ease the symptoms you are feeling.  Each time you get out in nature your natural connection with the Earth will increase, who knows you may end up being so connected you start tree hugging???

Drinking Pure Energised Water – As our bodies relase more toxins it is essential to flush them out with plenty of water.  Mineral water is good, but the best water is a slightly alkaline water that comes from a filtration system where all harmful pollutants are removed from the water and it holds a slightly alkaline PH.  This alkaline PH will help to rebalance the PH of the body.  Due to our highly acidic diets this is a definite bonus for the body. (Biocera is the filter I am using at present)

Breathing –  It is essential we learn how to breath correctly.  All to often we have short shallow breathing that does not allow the vital life force in the air to fully be distributed around the body.  Try breathing in to the count of three and out to the count of 3 to start with and then vary the count to see which pattern suits your energy system the best.

Re-Mineralise the Body– Ascending takes up huge energy and we must ensure our body has ample amounts of vitamins and minerals. So ensure your diet contains lots of organic if possible fruit and vegetables.  Also try cutting down on wheat and increase your consumption of more nutrient dense grains like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Brown Rice.  Try to cut out Table salt and replace it with Himalayan crystal salt or a good sea salt.

Bathe Often – Taking a bath can release so much from our systems and can replenish and revitalise our aura.  Place in your bath 75-100g of Himalayan Crystal Salt and remember to bless the water.  This salt is full of minerals and nutrients and helps to draw out toxins and other nasties from your bodies.  Bathe for 30 minutes and play soothing music to connect with the soul.  Please ensure you drink plenty of water as the salt draws on moisture in the body which needs to be replenished with clean water.

Diamond Light- Ryan


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