Solar Eclipse 20 May 2012 Energies

7 Sisters

The energies of Megatronic May continue to break up all of the illusions and patterns that we have been working with for many aeons of time.  The old patterns where we have learnt our lessons of duality and where our soul has become wise, loving and powerful.

During these multi faceted experiences we have built many patterns which are now being purged from our systems.  Lots of pockets of old thoughts, beliefs, illusions keep coming up ready for us to clear and once again embody our garment of light.  This is what May 2012 is all about accessing those deep parts of sub conscious so that we can rip up what was by loving ourselves back to light vibration.

This Solar Eclipse is another boost from up on high placing more light coding within our bodies so that we can take the next step on our ascension.  As im writing this I can see your own personal ascension teams preparing these energies for you.  they are all unique and specific to you and your journey, also containing the support necessary for you to take your own Soul’s Service into the NEW age of Aquarius.

This Eclipse also happens when there is an alignment to the Pleiades constellation.  This is the first time this has happened in 26,000 years.  It has been termed “The Great Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment”.  It is a portal of colossal energy where many miraculous things will occur for humankind.

The Pleiades is one of our ancestral home constellations where many of us originally came from in order for us to have the Earth Experience.  So Many of you will feel a deep connection to this star system and also be aware of their presence as they work with you on your ascension path.

So on May 20th at the time of the eclipse utilise this sacred time and do something that will help you to connect and experience these amazing energies.  I will be running a workshop on Pendle Hill (UK) where we will be working with the NEW Pleaidan Energies and experiencing this awesome days energy.


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