Wesrills Elemental Guardians Of Peace

chdh : Égrégore

Channelled message from the Wesrills on the power of peace. “We come as guardians of peace from a system behind Saturn, here to assist in the holding of the energy of peace through these ascension years.  We have stepped down our energy from our group soul to appear as individual elemental beings of love and light.

Universal peace is a power so mighty that is requires much soul strength to hold in duality.  We come from the edges of the universe responding to your prayers and fiats to balance the energies of the Earth during these huge months of change.

We come to forge new alliances with yourselves and your Earth Elementals and to experience this quantum shift in conciousness. It enriches our soul to see such perseverance and commitment that you have made to the light when all around you is in a lower state of vibrational flux.  By holding this light you are ensuring that many more awaken onto the path once more.

We dwell now in the power points of nature to assist holding the great silence which will allow for the unfolding of your transformation.  We work through this channel and others across your planet, increasing in numbers to assist those places which need peace at this time.

There are many new power vortexes opening up right now, which have been activating over the past 5 years for these times which we are in now.  So follow your heart and search out those places of loving power where you will receive many blessings and healings.

Take time each day to hold your silence, which in itself has its own frequency and vibration, Your own God vibration.It is through this silence that clarity, love, power and transformation will occur.”