12-12-12 Distant healing Series (14 Days of Light)

Greetings all,  I hope you are all well and recalibrating nicely since the Lunar Eclipse last week.  So we really are in the Month that we have all been working towards, some of us most of our lives, some of us the past few years or some that are just starting their work now.  It doesn’t matter what stage you are at just as long as you are working on your unique path. It’s exiting beyond belief like we are queing up for a new rollercoaster that no one has ever ridden before.  Excited but a little nervous at the same time!  Less than a month to go!!!  Also this may or may not be the last email from myself for this year as I can’t see much further ahead at this precise moment.  So if I dont Speak to you again be awesome!


“14 Days of Light”
Distant Healing Series

12-12-12  will be the opening of the final triple date portal, which will increase from 12-12-12 day to usher in the new energies of the Age of Aquarius.  From this 12-12-12 portal there will be awesome increased energies. which will take us to the grid maxiumus of 21st December. Then 22nd December to 24Th December will be a 3 day energetic reboot. which will take us into the NEW energies from the 25Th December.

These are the end/beginning of times that our Souls Chose to come down here for for this experience.  This is an awesome time to be alive and experience these times.  26,000 years of experiences coming to a close and a new era about to begin.  But it’s much bigger than that!  We are aligning with the Galactic Centre,  The womb of the creator, the Mother God energies!  It’s such an awesome time to be here and an experience that our souls did not want to miss.

The below distant healing series was channeled to me and is designed to assist those whom feel the pull to assist in the anchoring of these new energies.  I have been told many times before that I am not from this universe and that my gifts are that I have already experienced something very similar to Earths Acsencion process in a different universe.  That is why my Soul was assigned to this task as I bring a great amount of energetic support to those whom are experiencing this for the first time.

14 Days of light schedule
12-12 – Masculine and feminine union – Working upon all levels to integrate and join in loving union enabling our truth to be seen.
13-12 – Christ Consciousness Downloading of the 5Th dimensional freedom template working with Sananda (Jesus) and Buddha.
14-12 – Accepting our Cosmic Child consciousness, enabling and enacting our divine will and power.
15-12 – Spinal Alignment and expansion of energy centres working with the energies of Platinum and Titanium.
16-12 – Sonic Cellular Healing.  Channeled light tones specific to your unique energy field to assist in increasing cell vibration.
17-12 – Merkabah Merging and clearing of our energy bodies.
18-12 – Aligning with Sirius Constellation, reuniting sirian aspects, integration and expansion.
19-12 – Aligning with Orion Constellation, reuniting Orion aspects, integration and expansion.
20-12 – Aligning with Pleidian Constellation, reuniting Pleaidian aspects, integration and expansion.
21-12 – 888 Infinity Portal, accepting light frequencies of the infinity.
22-12 – Elemental Reconfiguration to re balance and expand our 5 elements to operate from the new grid.
23-12 – Universal Compassion heart expansion working with Lady Nada and Quan Yin.
24-12 – Energy bodies reboot and download with new grounding template.
25-12 – Into the New Light working with the ascended masters, great white brotherhood and the galactic elders in conjunction with the energies of the supreme light which have been anchored through the Shard in London.

When you order the 14 days of light healing series you will have 3 Assist Passes.  These assist passes are given to you so that you can send myself an email entitled assist.  Then healing energies will be sent to assist you in whatever you are facing at that moment.  This is because we are all going to be accepting such colossal energies, support will be needed.

Orders must be placed for this healing series by 11Th December 9pm UST!  Your first email update will arrive on the morning of 12-12-12 or before.  During the series there will be regular email updates.

Cost £333 For the Whole Distant Healing Series (Around £20 per healing which is over a 33% discount)   Click here to order this series…

There is a discount of 10% for persons who are unwaged & pensioners. Also there is a 3 month payment plan available to those whom have ordered healing from myself before. please email oriondiamond11@gmail.com to be sent these links.